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Goodbye 2019

I don’t make New Year resolutions so you’re not going to see any of that stuff here. However, I do hope to accomplish one major undertaking in 2020: a vacation just for photography! I haven’t decided on any one place and it will probably be several, including National Parks and places not so familiar.

My wife will help with choosing destinations, and I’m considering whether to drive or fly. Flying will cause some concern because I’ll have all my expensive camera gear with me. Pre-trip packing if we do fly will have to be carefully arranged. (We’ll probably be driving!)

There are so many beautiful places here in the US and I know it’ll be tough choosing what to pass up! National parks and forests are abundant, but I want to pick a couple of places that are not so touristy, mainly because I don’t want to bother with cloning out people from my photos.

It is hoped that 2020 will be a year that will go down in my archives as one of the best, I wish I could say that for 2019 as it closes out the decade. There were many disheartening things that occured this past year, both in and out of my family. I would like to include them in this year-end blog post, but I know it would cause a great deal of animosity, so I’ll have to wait until I write a memoir just before I die and dedicate a chapter or two for that kind of stuff.

I wonder if it’s possible to somehow get a memoir published on the exact day of your death? I guess you’d have to have a designated executor, and provide him or her with written instructions beforehand.

The Big Photography Vacation (BPV) will probably interrupt a few band gigs, but hey, you gotta give and take a little every now and then. I’ve never taken a BPV but I’ve damn sure had plenty of band gigs! So those few folks who enjoy seeing my antics while I have my guitar strapped on will have to understand, and I’m sure they will.

Bye bye 2019, hello 2020!


They Say

I’ve been told that quickly adopting a new pet after the loss of an old one can help heal heartbreak, I lost my Simba on September 24 and the thing is I don’t want to quickly deal with the loss, it would diminish all Simba meant to me. I now know what everyone has been telling me in comments on all my social media sites: pets become family, they are no longer just animals, they are as real (sometimes even more so) as any human family member. Simba showed me that for the first time, he found a place in my heart that I never knew existed.

Yes, he was a scraggly looking stray when he first showed up, but there were no signs of him being feral, he warmed up to me almost immediately, and I to him. I’ve never experienced a human relationship like that!

Simba found me, I didn’t find him. I hope he sends word to another like him from his final resting place over the Rainbow Bridge. Until then I’ll be hoping to be found again. I love and miss you terribly my Simba.