Covid 19

It’s everywhere and has affected everyone. My wife and I were tested recently because I was in close contact with a friend who has the virus. We both tested negative, and my friend who tested positive is on the mend.

The things this pandemic has caused can’t be clearly understood, at least not by me. It seems the more I read and hear about it in the news (and I’m talkin ALL news) the more confused I get.

Do I need to wear a mask? If the answer is yes then why isn’t he wearing one? Should I make sure I’m at least 6 feet away from you if we’re talking? And do I keep my mask on during the time we’re talking? If the answer is yes, then why aren’t those two people over there doing it?

I’d like to think things will start getting back to some kind of normalcy again before the end of this year, the beginning of it hasn’t been very pleasant. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and STAY UP!


Where have I been?

I’m so mad at myself for not writing! I used to look forward to writing my weekly gardening articles but since losing that gig several years ago I’ve quit writing, period!

I said above that I quit writing period, but that’s not correct, I continue to write music, mostly melodies, some short, some long, and some with words. I record them on my iPhone.

I hope to end this “not writing words for my website” syndrome very soon! If you have ever experienced this syndrome please leave a comment and explain your cure.