Havta Write

I suppose I should update this blog (isn’t that what everyone says?). But as a writer, it’s more important for me to do this, and do it on a regular basis. The thing is, it doesn’t pay much. Only the satisfaction a writer gets knowing they’ve written at least a little something, and that it’s published somewhere.

I think it’s even nicer to have a few photos posted. I suspect most garden bloggers living in the northeast have posted pictures of the fall color show. Here’s a couple from my yard, and one of some beans.

I’m pretty sure the tree in the center is a black gum. It’s not a stunning example of vivid fall color, but its subtleness at this time of year is what does it for me.

That’s a sugar maple behind Old Glory.

And these are Kentucky Wonder pole beans, ready for the freezer.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

2 replies on “Havta Write”

Living in an area where there is no deciduous trees, I love the glorious colours of plants like that sugar maple

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