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I met an author the other evening and she got me to thinking about my craft, or rather, our craft: writing. She writes fiction, a genre she calls “literary romance,” and I write what’s known as creative non-fiction. I never considered writing fiction, actually I never consider writing anything much more than my weekly gardening column. But after five years, that’s starting to get a little old and I’ve been thinking that maybe I should try writing about something other than gardening.

After meeting LK Hunsaker, and reading an excerpt from her novel, I’m curious to know if my muse might allow me a chance to be fictitious.

I’m concerned about something though, there’s other words lying around down there that are starting to bubble to the surface. I think they want to be heard, and they’re not fiction…and they really scare me.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

4 replies on “Writing”

Yes, writing can be scary, but therapeutic. You already have the skill and experience. Good luck with whichever direction you go in the future.

tc, thanks for stopping by my blog. I saw your comments on another blog recently and agreed with much of what you said.Hope to see your posting more often.Marnie

I don’t think it’s the “memoir bug,” but it must be something urgent or those words wouldn’t keep bubbling up.

You have the memoir bug? It is scary to write memoirs. I have a few written, but only the ‘simple’ ones are available for anyone to read. I always plan to do more, even if only for my children sometime in the future.Writing is the best way to get to know yourself, whether fiction or non-fiction. It’s amazing what you find hiding inside when you let the words flow.I’m glad to have met you the other day and look forward to more of your thoughts. I used your statement about the deconstructionist theory in my latest Myspace blog. Maybe I’ll copy it here, as well.

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