Bacon Lettuce and Tomato

As summer simmers and cools, I’m beginning to feel the first inklings of seasonal affective disorder. I’ve not been medically diagnosed, and Lord knows I don’t aim to make light of SAD, I only know that I’ve been battling its perennial funk since 1988, the year I moved away from Kentucky.

I suspect gardeners in Zones south of here aren’t seasonally affected mentally during January, February, and March as much as those of us here in the northeast. Or perhaps I feel this way because I’ve never completely assimilated? I still have my south-central Kentucky accent, and I still miss the aroma of burley tobacco curing in an old barn even after 20 years of living with Yankees.

Maybe the aging process has something to do with how I’m feeling. It probably does. But thankfully, I still love the taste of a BLT sandwich and if I had more room, I’d grow hogs here too.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

17 replies on “Bacon Lettuce and Tomato”

Yummy looking sandwich.Did you know that those of us in super sunny areas experience something similar to SAD during the summer? Too much bright light and heat for too long.The lesson? Balance is best!

Hello mother nature, I mentioned you in my column in today’s paper. ;~)(Unfortunately they don’t immediately post my articles.)Thanks for stopping by and I think I’ll try egg on my BLT next time, it sounds deelish!

I use as much light as possible in the winter. Yummy looking sandwich is making me hungry. I love tomato, lettuce, egg, and mayo on toasted bread for breakfast.

Hello TC;This is the year of SAD in Vermont. The winter was long and hard with deep snow and then spring came late. It was a warm May but by the time June came, it began to rain. June and July averaged over half the days with rain and we are at someplace close to 30″ of precipitation, year-to-date. About the only way we can get a BLT is to buy greenhouse tomatoes because in the garden they are looking sad. Even the lettuce has been rotting and I never thought I’d see daylily leaves yellow close to the ground because of the water. Just the same, the flowers are glorious and the mountains couldn’t be greener.George AfricaThe Vermont Gardenerhttp://thevermontgardener.blogspot.comVermont Gardenshttp://vermontgardens.blogspot.comVermont Flower Farm

Hi TC,Thanks again for stopping by my place today … and I’ll get back to you on the posting stuff sometime later this week when work is a bit less stressful….MMD cracked me up again with her wry connection of SAD with Northern Exposure and I remember that one well, thus the chuckle. I’ve always been curious about those light boxes as well, and I could sure use one from the killing frost until the first Snowdrops start showing up!

The full spectrum light box is definitely the way to go. Just don't do too much, or you'll end up manic & the neighbors will have to stage an intervention. (That was a "Northern Exposure" episode.")

FD: Yes, I have thought about those kinds of lights. I think If it affected me any worse than it does, I’d definitely purchase one. And that BLT was absolutely “good enough to eat!” Thanks for stopping by and come again soon.

Wondering if you ever thought of trying a “light box” for the SAD symptoms. By the way, that sandwich looks good enough to eat!!

LK: I reckon I’m okay with SAD, at least I can still function to some level of normalcy. But I do get very moody, and most of them are lows. And you best get a snow plow attachment for the ridin mower. ;~)

Dee: “GF?” I’m at a loss. And thanks for your concern, I usually make it through, wearily. Claudia: It’s almost like that, but red clay does need a little amending.Thomas: I wish I had the room, I do think I’d have several. My maternal grandmother had several and when we’d visit, I’d help slop. Southward: As you can tell, it’s tin roofed; there’s a hickory tree on one side, you can’t see it in the photo, but when the nuts would ripen and fall on that roof it sounded like gun shots.

That looks good!I’ve always had trouble with SAD, also. Winters are hard. The funny thing is that the last 12 winters in the south (GA and VA) have been harder on me than this last winter up here in the north. At first, when I was told just after we moved that rainfall here was 2nd only to Seattle, I nearly went into panic mode. But I’m so comfortable here that even SAD doesn’t get to me as it always used to. I was sick all winter, it took 3 hours for 3 of us to scoop the drive after that ice storm, and it still depressed me less.Something to ponder. 😉

hogs are a worthwhile undertaking for the benefit. you get ROI in the form of lots of BLTs!SAD makes me sad – i’ve never been diagnosed, but i feel it every year.

oooh, I do love a BLT. I grew up in Cali and so miss the “toss a seed and spit” gardening. Is Kentucky like that?

Amen to bacon tomato & lettuce on good bread (in my case GF.) As to SAD, we have trouble with it in Oklahoma in February when we have so many gray days. Sorry you're feeling it already.~~Dee

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