Olympic Gardening

Don’t be alarmed, the title of this entry has nothing to do with gold, silver, or even bronze medal winners in gardening. I just named it that to get your attention. And now that I have your attention, on with what I have to say…

Four season gardeners recognize the shifting from one to the next and I am beginning to get a whiff of autumn. There’s a scent in the air, chilly, crisp, and undefinable, that tells me I’ll soon be wearing long sleeved shirts and jeans again, and hard soled shoes instead of rubbery flip flops. Some would have autumn stay year round, and I suppose that’s okay for them, but not for me.

There are those who would prefer summer 365 days a year. Hazy, hot and humid weather make for great tomato and pepper growing. I’ll not mention global warming.

What about those who might enjoy snowy cold white nights under a full moon? We have an affinity for gift giving in December, wouldn’t it be nice if that feeling would last year round?

I’m sure some would like spring to stay around all the time. Imagine not ever having to worry about replacing dead or dying plants.

Personally, I like the year just as it is, with four seasons, each more or less of equal length. I may complain about the winter blues, or whine about not enough rain in spring, and I probably gripe about leaf litter in autumn and stinging insects in summer, but at least there’s variety.

It was cloudy today, and that’s usually a good time to take a few pictures. A good thing about pictures: They always show the same season.

It’s been a good season for Japanese beetles. They have no shame, they’ll do it anywhere, in front of anyone. And I think they’re really ugly.

Some bugs are quite attractive.

This is amaranthus, a drooping flower example that reminds me of a reggae hairstyle.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

12 replies on “Olympic Gardening”

HG: And thank you for stopping in as well. Our amaranthus will soon be touching the ground. I’ll post more pictures.

Thanks for stopping by. I love the praying mantis picture! I grew some Amaranthus ‘Hot Biscuits’ last year and loved it! It doesn’t droop like love lies bleeding but it is still stunning!

Olympic gardening for me equaled no gardening. I’ve hybernating from the heat and mosquitoes (and now hurricane) in front of the TV watching Mr. Phelps kick some behind.

Olympic gardening for me equals no gardening. I’ve hybernating from the heat and mosquitoes (and now hurricane) in front of the TV watching Mr. Phelps kick some behind.

LK: I think I could go for lengthier summers too! At least through August. Have you thought about using Milky Spore for those Japanese beetles? Google it to find out more.

I agree about the 4 seasons except with longer summers and shorter winters … and I think fall is coming MUCH too soon this year! I can’t believe the leaves are turning in August! *sigh*I had to pick a couple of those Beatles off my basil recently. I used to think they were pretty until they kept devouring my hollyhocks at my last place. Now we’re at war, or at least at battle.

Marnie: Sorry about your salivating over the BLT. I’m sure you’ve had several by now. ;~)T: I have some cleaning to do between harvest and winter this year. The garden will be pulled of everything due to overwintering cucumber beetles!Sophie: You’re most welcome, I like doin stuff like that. We had a German Shepherd/Collie mix when I was a kid, beautiful dog, and so smart.

Thank you heaps for helping identify the flowers I posted yesterday. I have another one there today, although it might be more of an invasive flowering weed.I have a very naughty, paper towel pooping, rug destroying, cat harassing, six month old German Shepherd. He just got into more trouble yesterday while trying to save the kids and me from a caterpillar! Tisk, tisk…..Pennsylvania, huh? I lived in Spring Lake for a year.

You need to erase that photo of the BLT. I couldn’t concentrate on anything I read or on the photos I saw. I just kept going back to look at the sandwich:) Enjoy reading your blog.Marnie

I agree with you on the four seasons. Although I do get very tired of winter if it stays really cold for days on end, a few days in the 40’s perks me right back up.Well almost.

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