For the unemployed, weekends are no different than the rest of the week, it’s a little more crowded, and noisier, but other than that, Saturday is about the same as Tuesday, Sunday could be Thursday, and so on. I’ve gotten used to it, grown complacent I guess. I start a part time job August 25, and substitute teaching will soon begin, so complacency will not be as prevalent as it is now.

It’s also time to start thinking about planting a few spring flowering bulbs.

I should’ve ordered by now, damn complacency!

I love silhouetted photographs. This is Miscanthus sinensis ‘Malepartus’ at sunset.

If you’re looking for the perfect blue hydrangea, I highly recommend Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Nikko Blue.’ It’s on its way from blue to pink now, but it rarely gets bothered by pests, disease, and more importantly here, deer.

It seems I can’t pass a bee or bug without taking its picture. This bumblebee was resting on a dahlia bloom and I couldn’t resist a gentle touch. It never moved.

I wish everyone a perfect weekend, or Tuesday, or Thursday.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

6 replies on “Weekends”

I wish your bees would visit me. My squash plants are thriving, threatening to take over, but not a single zucchini or acorn squash. I have no idea why, unless it’s the shortage of pollinators.

Tina, thanks for visiting. I have two teens; a daughter going into 8th grade, and a son going into 10th. And yes, substituting is thankless, for the most part. Once in a while I’ll get a nice word from a regular teacher or a principal. It’s the kids that make it worthwhile. You gotta love em!

Hi there TC! Thanks for dropping by and talking with me. I am so glad you did. You have a great blog and yes, I being a bit unemployed, understand almost every day is like the next. The only bonus of workdays is the teenager is in school and it is quiet around the house. You have a super great garden. At first I thought you were more in the midwest, but no! PA! I am from Maine so understand the weather. Such lovely plants and a fun blog too. Nice meeting you! Have fun at your new jobs. I substituted for quite a while, kind of fun but very thankless. It is great you do it.

LK: I toss used coffee grounds, filter and all, under my Nikko blues, they don’t need it to make them blue since they’re cultivated varieties, but I think doing so enhances and deepens the blues. Thanks for the compliment on my photographs.

I was so glad to see one of those hydrangeas here when we chose this house and plan to get more. Gorgeous photos!

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