They happen to all of us all the time. Some good, some bad; changes are just part of life moving forward.

Things get busier for me next week as I start a new part time job and also begin substitute teaching. It’s been said substitutes are just babysitters, there is some truth to this I suppose, but aren’t all teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmother/fathers, etc., babysitters as well? Even those of you with no kids babysit your or someone else’s pet(s). Tina, over In The Garden, talks about pets and garden bloggers and says, “Pets just seem to be a natural part of gardens.” She’s right about that. I have a big tabby who likes to warm himself on a big rock in my garden.

Next week, and probably weeks following, I expect to be a little strapped for time and I’m pretty sure blog updating will suffer. However, I promise to do my best with what spare time I do have to visit y’all from time to time. And I hope to have a few minutes to dedicate to a new post here at least once or hopefully, twice a week.

I said I was going to start mentioning a few things music related here as well. I’ll start with this picture, taken in my brother’s garage the morning after a St. Patrick’s Day Jam. I bet music holds as much importance for some gardeners as their pets. At least it does for me. I “hear” music in the garden, as I’m sure y’all do too.

Give it some thought the next time you’re relaxing in the garden, listen and let me know what music you hear. I bet I get a huge selection of new songs to consider for my garden as well as for my iPod. If you need further help with something to listen for, click here and let NPR help.

Flower Music


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

10 replies on “Changes”

LK: My maternal grandmother kept parakeets. She’d talk to them and say, “Purddy bird, purddy bird.” And whistle. We moved into a big old country house when I was 16, it had a tin roof. We were city folk, not used to such things, and when we heard “hicker” nuts drop on the tin roof for the first time, it scared the living daylights out of us.

Birds.. my grandma was an avid bird watcher and my bird calendar helps me identify whatever comes close enough.Rain on a tin roof.. oh yes, we now have a tin roof just under our bedroom window so I get that experience a lot. It bothered me at first because it’s so loud. Now it’s kind of pretty and comforting.

LK: It sounds like you know your birds. I can identify at most, three or four. Have you ever experienced the sound of rain falling on a tin roof? I have many times, unfortunately I was too young to know what it was saying.

Rockin’ robin? ;-)I have flocks of birds always around my feeder and hear them rustling constantly when I’m outside working. Although, I don’t have many robins — mainly chickadees, cardinals, gold finches, and sparrows. Not sure where my Blue Jays have gone.I’ve also come to enjoy sitting on the front porch and listening to the music of the rain that’s falling while writing. It’s nice background.

I think that your comment about not getting a dry mouth is the nicest comment I have ever received on a post! lol!Animals in the garden are great. The other day I found a blog with photos of two guinea pigs in the garden and it totally made my day!Have a great weekend and garden hard!

Claudia: I wish blogging did pay. I hear one can make a little if ads are used. Flydragon. I took that photo at the Philly Flower Show this past March. I also have a picture of a stringed instrument made up in marigolds. Their theme was “Jazz it Up,” referring to New Orleans. I had a hard time deciding which photo to post. ;~)

Good for you for investing in your life and your world. Blogging is not a job. I like to know how you are doing and what you are up to. 🙂 Good luck with it all!

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