A new old job

Shortly after I was discharged from the Navy, a friend of mine helped me acquire a job at a department store in South Carolina, in the sporting goods department. I sold everything from .99 cent fishing hooks to regulation size (9-foot) pool tables ($900.00 each), and everything, sports related, in between. I liked working retail and for every two or three rude and obnoxious customers, there was 10 or 15 pleasant ones.

They (whoever “they” are) say history repeats itself and on more than one occasion I’ve discovered this to be true in my life.

I began a part time job today. In retail sales. 30 years ago I worked in sporting goods, today you could say I work in “aluminum, bronze, pewter and sterling silver.” I’ve not been at Wendell August long enough to know if they have rude and obnoxious customers. My guess is those kinds of folks are still around. And so are the pleasant ones I’m sure.

Garden Update

We’ve enjoyed a mess of ‘Kentucky Wonder’ pole beans, miraculously. It seems no matter how bad the Japanese beetles skeletonize these beans, the plants are most always vigorous enough to survive the onslaught and make.

Our heirloom tomatoes always do well and we’ve been harvesting them for a couple weeks now. And we’re having an exceptional harvest of hybrid ‘Sun Gold’ cherry tomatoes, perhaps the sweetest of all cherry tomatoes I’ve ever eaten.

I dug one row of Kennebec potatoes a while back, and have one more row of Red Pontiacs to dig. I’ve heard folks say “Potatoes are so cheap I just buy them instead, besides, they’re a lot of work because you have to dig them.” I reckon that’s a legitimate point. But doesn’t taste matter?

The perennial flowers are on the decline. We planted a few extra lily bulbs late that are now blooming, and a few annuals are keeping some color. But the one color I’ve noticed above the others, and I mean literally above – there’s a red-orange tint to the leaves on some sugar maples.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

6 replies on “A new old job”

Good luck with the job! I’ve been meaning to check that place out, and will eventually. I’ve worked retail. It was a horrendous experience. I’m sure it depends on where you work retail, though.I’ve been eating cherry tomatoes like candy. 🙂 The aphids have tried to move in, but the garlic/dish soap spray seems to be working pretty well.

Hi tc, came over to check on you and see what you are up to these days. I clicked your link to Wendell August and it looks like an interesting place to work, hope you enjoy it. And, of course, teaching is always interesting 🙂 We know you are going to be super busy now. Don’t worry about replying to this comment. Just wanted to say Hi. Maybe those J’ beetles were a help by defoliating the beans so you could find the beans easier. Yep, sugar maples are one of my two favorites. We had to take down one of our and it was approximately 60 years old. A great loss. Still have one more and it is lovely. Now I know why. Our sewer line was broken right next to it and it has had Lots of water and fertilizer for years!

Cindy: I knew Wendell August had some very unique craftsmanship, but the detail that goes into some of their pieces is truly amazing. I met one of their two master engravers and he said detail work is getting more involved with each passing year. Tina: I agree with the “picking and preparing,” although my wife is the preparer. I wasn’t stationed in Maine, but visited with a friend and his family in Bangor once. I attended submarine training school in Groton, Conn. T: Thanks bro! And sugar maples are probably my top pick for vibrant fall color.

I am very glad to hear about your Kentucky wonder. I am growing beans for the first time and that may be the variety. They are pretty easy to grow. Only problem is picking and preparing them! Good luck on your new job. I am job hunting too, long process it seems. Were you ever stationed in Maine when you were in the Navy?

Good Luck at the new job. I love Wendell August Forge’s products. They really have some unique things and I own many (small) pieces.

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