**##*$&^^, or am I getting used to this??

I find it odd that I’m beginning to feel rather loose and free lately, almost as if some type of burden has been lifted. I’m not posting from my computer, it’s still not computing; I now have to wait my turn on the family computer. When I went back to college in 2002, I ordered a desktop PC for my personal use, both as a student and a writer. It’s upstairs, in a spare room I use for an office, the muse lives there also (although I’m beckoning her downstairs as I write this; she’s a bit reluctant).

I’ve always had complete freedom with my computer, and rarely is anyone else using it. But might this freedom, also be a kind of dependence? I’ll have to use outside resources to write my article for next week’s column while my computer is being repaired. No, I’ll probably not revert back to pen and paper, but for the guts of it, I’ll have to “go outside.” Imagine that, a garden writer writing from the garden instead of from the computer. I think it’ll be interesting to see what the muse has to say.

And one important request: Please keep Tina in your thoughts as she prepares for a long drive north to visit Cindy and me.

Peace babies.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

6 replies on “**##*$&^^, or am I getting used to this??”

Ahhh, computers…the bane of civilization, and the boon, as well! I’m sorry you will have to beckon your muse down to the garden to write your article, but perhaps she will surprise you with a new insight she may have kept hidden from you in the “attic office.” I do find I am spending a lot of time on the computer (and especially the blogs) while I am at my Mom’s….but that will have to change one day soon, I do know that, and I am “baling blogs while the sun shines!”

All: My computer seems to be making a slow recover as of now. I’m back upstairs again. I think it may need a psychologist soon though. Or more likely than not, a brain surgeon.

What would we do without computers? Well for starters I might get might overdue housework done. Nah, that doesn’t sound like much fun! Maybe some overdue weeding in the garden? Nope, no fun there either! I guess until I figure it out I’ll just stay right here and blog.

I’m beginning to think it’s The Blog (remember Tina’s post?) that has taken control. If I’m not posting, then I’m either visiting other blogs and commenting, responding to comments left on my post, or researching something interesting for my next post. There must be some psychologist studying this garden blogging phenomenon who will publish an important paper and astonish the world with his findings. Maybe we have found a new, drug-free way to prevent dementia: Sniff the flowers and post your thoughts.

Marnie, I think it’d be very interesting to see if we could “go cold turkey and shut them down for 30 days.” I guess I could snail mail my article if worse comes to worse. It’s hard to consider how writers got along without them. And even now it’s hard to believe that computers didn’t use to exist.

I don’t think about it often but I’ve become far too dependent on my computer. If we had to give up computers all toghther for a month, what would we do? Could we go cold turkey and shut them down for 30 days?Marnie

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