Photo Show

These are a few of the “Saturday Jam” folks at Phil’s Woodshed. That’s Phil wearing the black hat.
Dirty blade.

Clean blade.


Autumn color.

Larva of the Isabella tigermoth, better known as wooly worm, which we all know isn’t a worm but a caterpillar. And it predicts a harsh start to winter, with milder conditions for mid-winter, ending with harsh conditions once again (85% accuracy, according to Wooly

Hip rose?

Peace babies.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Photo Show”

Marnie: I also have two teens to taxi around. I keep thinkin it’ll be nice when the oldest gets his driver’s license but then I start feeling very anxious. Cindy: It was crawlin when I first saw it, but when I knelt to take its picture, it balled up. So I snapped a couple of photos anyway. I then went about doing a few quick chores and when I returned to see if it had started crawling, it was gone. Flydragon: Thanks for the compliment on my “shop.” It’s actually the other half of the garage. And I hope the wooly worm’s accuracy is flawed also. Tina: Those worms feel more like a brillo pad than they do wool – very stiff and bristly. Another possible sign of a harsh winter is excess fruit on the trees; one of my crabapple trees is overburdened with them. W2W: Me hit a sour note?? Never. I’ve been playin guitar since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. But I suspect Phil might consider a trip to the woodshed if I messed up too bad. About hips: my Mom knew how to use a switch on mine when I needed it. Susie: We play mostly bluegrass, and folk. And be advised: Bluegrass IS NOT country. ;~)Thank y’all so much for commenting.

TC, your pic of the musicians reminds me of the music store in Cadiz, KY, that has a jam session (I think) every weekend. I'm wondering, if you hit a sour note, does Phil take you out back of the woodshed? ;>} Katarina of Roses and Stuff had some unusually large, colorful rose hips posted a while back. I noticed that not too many men (if any) left a comment on her site. I guess they thought it would seem peculiar if they remarked that she had beautiful, big hips.

Hip rose for sure. Love the pic of the wooly worm. I am going to see if it comes true, harsh, mild then harsh. Gotta remember that.

Neat workshop you have there. Birds and beads hanging from the ceiling?Hope the wooly worm is not accurate this year, except for the middle part of course.

Hi TC, looks like you’ve been busy with lots of different things. I need to check out the wooly worm site and find out what to expect this winter;) Marnie

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