I missed out on learning how to overhaul an engine. Due largely to the fact that I’ve never been what’s known as “mechanically inclined.” Oh, I can change plugs, put a new air filter on, and depending on where it’s located, a new oil filter. But I’ve never taken the guts out, things like crank shafts, pistons, rings, cylinders, and junk like that. If it matters, I have done it on a much larger scale, working with a crew of five or six others when I was with Tennessee Gas Pipeline.

My computer is getting an overhaul this week. It’s five years old, and beginning to show signs of aging. At least that’s how I see it. It corrupted my administrator profile recently. I created a new one, but had a helluva time finding my old desktop, luckily, a friend from work is much more capable of overhauling computers than I am at overhauling small engines. Most of y’all probably know IT folks where you work, or maybe you’re even one yourself. I just know the basics; put a new filter in (install something from a CD), or add plugs (download updates).

I take it in Thursday, and when I get it back Sunday, it’ll have a new operating system. No, not Vista, or one of the other as of now obscure ones, but Windows XP Pro. I’ll have 2 gigs of RAM vs. 1, the new internal 500 gigabyte hard drive my brother-in-law installed recently will be the new main drive. And it’ll have all the other necessities. If I can figure out where to drill the holes, I’d like to run a direct cable connection vs. wireless.

I wanted to get a post in before Thursday’s shutdown. And I reckon I’ve accomplished that. Oh, I still have the family computer to fall back on, but I have to wait in line, and I’m not used to that.

Happy Fall!

My exit

And by the way, visit this page over at Dave’s and add your fall color link.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

14 replies on “Overhaul”

Happy Fall to you too….*I missed out on learning how to overhaul an engine.*Me too. But thank goodness we can blog. lol

Good luck with your overhaul and thanks for sharing your pretty leaves beforehand. At least you’ll have more time to enjoy the fall foliage without the distraction of a computer. I found you via Dave. Tina told me about it too.

W2W: That little monster never said one word I could understand and yet I knew where IT was coming from. What are you reading now? I’m halfway through Tim O’Brien’s If I Die in a Combat Zone.Tile Lady: Thank you so much for the praise, I’m humbled. And thanks for visiting my blog too. Come back any time. ;~)

Gorgeous, gorgeous leaves!!!!! AHHHH! I wish we had that kind of color. Well, maybe we’ll still get close. Just beautiful photographs, TC!

Cousin IT has always been unintelligible to me. It’s kinda like photography. If I can point and click, I’m okay. Talk about apertures, pixels, etc., and I’m suddenly glassy-eyed, shifting from foot to foot, and looking at my watch. Give me an interesting book, and my attention span suddenly becomes a gulf.

FD: Thanks; colors seemed a tad more intense this year, we’ve had a good amount of rain and that helped. And go ahead and “cry, scream, stomp,” as necessary. ;~)W2W: Surely you jest. I’m positive you know a lot more about IT stuff than you let on. You’re just being humble. ;~PTina: I linked to Dave’s. And I age like fine wine. ;~)Sooze: Thanks. And I know I’ll have a better system (I wish a human overhaul were possible, oh, that’d be a makeover, I need one of those). Dave: Thank you sir. And thanks for hosting the fall pictures show.Marnie: I’m takin her down right now (why do I assign gender to things?). And thanks for the compliment on my photos. Skeeter: We’ve had really good fall color this year. That little maple was on fire wasn’t it? ;~)Nancybond: Thanks for stopping by and I welcome you back anytime. It was a pleasure visiting your site as well and I too will return there.

Thanks for your recent visit to take in my offering of fall color — I don’t know how I missed your blog before this! Your fall palette is spectacular as well. I’ll be back. 🙂

Good luck with the computer. I’m sure you will get it fixed up the way you want. Thanks for the fall pics. They are really pretty.

OMG, you got the best orange tree! Link to Dave at the Home Garden as he is doing a Peak Fall Color Project, consolidating fall posts. These pictures are too good to miss! Hope the overhaul fixes all the problems. You know when we get older-oops-talking of computers here-it’ll be as good as new.

Giga-whats? I’m just not geared right for IT stuff. I remember my dad cursing about punch cards and muttering threats against something called a mainframe when he was earning his doctorate at SIU. It was a long time before I felt brave enough to even touch a computer. You live in a beautiful area. The trees in S. Illinois are just beginning to show some color.

What gorgeous fall pictures. Ours here don’t look like that yet. I don’t know what they’re waiting for. I know nothing about computers and since my geek has left the state, I don’t know what I’ll do when mine eventually breaks down. Cry, scream, stomp my feet?? Think that’ll help?

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