Houston, we have a problem.

It appears I’ll not have my computer back for several more days, if then. My tech friend says when he tries to load the operating system, the screen goes blank. Now I’m really depressed. Things don’t ever go as you think they should. Or do they?

Breakfast went well the other mornin.

My daughter was pleased with her performance in the middle school’s band concert the other night.

This black gum tree in my backyard is always the star of the fall color show.

And Slippery Rock Creek knows how to look pretty in autumn.

The clump of summer farewells (fall asters) I got from my Mother’s Kentucky garden years ago has done very well in my Pennsylvania garden.

And lastly, this rock sure has me convinced that it turned out exactly as it should have.

So I reckon things turn out the way they’re supposed to most of the time. It’s just those other times that upset me. I’m sure y’all know the feelin.


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

20 replies on “Houston, we have a problem.”

MMG: I wish I had more of them! We had a really gorgeous fall color show this year; it was relatively wet and the cold nights during the first weeks of October played a major role.

Wow! The black gum tree is amazing! What a blessing for you to have it in your yard and get to see it daily.I imagine it instills a sense of awe when looked at.We don’t get many trees down here in Fl. that change color like that.

Q: That’s such a wonderful tribute to your mother. Moms are indeed very special. My mother instilled a very deep love of gardening in me. And a humble bow to you too. ;~)

Dear TC,I have been enjoying reading your posts and getting to know you and your gardens! This post was filled with laughter and hope and beauty!Just like regular life. Responce to your question…My Mother’s term of endearment for me was, “Q”. After she died I decided any creative endeavor I embarked on I would sign as “Q” as a tribute to her.After fours years I am ready to sign my work with my name.Looking forward to keeping up with you and your neck of the woods.Namaste,Sherry

Troutbirder: It is very appropriate. I should collect more common names from Mother and write about them sometime. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Kate! Thanks for stopping by and reading, I’m humbled by your kind words. And did you realize that you brought good luck with your visit? Well, you did; my computer is home and seems to be running with much more vigor!It don’t look like you have a blog, at least none I could see when I clicked your name. You’re right, I don’t get over to Blotanical much, maybe I should if more nice folks like you are there.

TC, I just discoverd your blog through a comment you left on Shauna’s The Garden Brae, (she’d left one on my blog–you know how these things go.) Anyway, I’ve had a great time reading through some of your posts. I left you a message over on Blotanical, but it doesn’t look as though you get over there much, so I took this route. Here’s hoping your computer returns shortly, renewed, restored, and rejuvenated.Blog on!–kate

Hi Frances: Do you miss PA? I’m originally from Kentucky but I’ve lived here since 1988; and yes, I do miss My Old Kentucky Home, and I’ve not lost my south-central Kentucky accent either.

Hi TC, hope you have your computer back soon, but it looks like there are things to amuse you in the meantime. What a gorgeous view you have in your backyard. We used to live in PA, Berwick, long ago. All four of my kids were born there. It is a beautiful place.Frances

Cindy: Thanks. Fall color is mostly gone now. :~(FD: That rock should be in my landscape. It lives at a local Bob Evans restaurant. I’ve a mind to ask them for it. Tina: Still no computer. And I really want that rock. Marnie: Thanks for the sympathy, I really miss it. The black gum is reliably gorgeous here each fall. Lisa? Thanks for the return visit. And we all change over time. You can be sure that I’ll visit you again. ;~)W2W: I’ve not heard classification like that since high school geology class.Rose: My! I don’t feel so bad now. My tech friend told me today that he’s one step closer, but don’t have a date when he’ll bring it home. TGEA: Thanks for cruisin on over! Fire bushes eh? A relative of burning bush perhaps? ;~)Marie: Thank you very much. Personally, I like “sweet daughter” the best. As a matter of fact, I call her my sweetie pie, but at 13 she shrugs when I say it.

Great post! Nature has a way of putting all in persepctive, doesn’t it! Wonderful black gum tree! Neat rock. Lovely aster. And sweet daughter. All my best–Marie

I love the black gum tree. wow! Don’t you love those “spoiler” bushes and trees in the fall that out show everything around them. Cheryl and I call them “fire bushes” ( or trees)

TC, you have the right attitude! I’ve been without my computer for going on 5 weeks now–something about the motherboard, which sound serious and expensive! Is that homemade apple butter I see in the first photo?

Igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary? If rocks can be so easily classified, why can’t those other obstacles we find blocking our paths? Hope your problem resolves soon. If not, maybe you’ll get some satisfaction by smashing the darn thing with the rock!

Hi TC. Just returning the visit to say thank you for stopping by. I hate to disillusion you, but the Glamour Shots pic was the “good old days”! If you go back to August, not sure which date, you’ll see what I look like now. It’s not a pretty sight! LOL I see what you mean about the river pic. Your trees are gorgeous! I wish our colors were that vivid.TTYLLisa

The black gum tree is a show stopper. I don’t think they are reliably hardy in my area or I would consider one. Lovely shape. Sorry about your computer woes.Marnie

There is THAT rock! Such character. Your breakfast reminds me-breakfast time here in Tennessee. Here’s hoping you get your puter back soon.

You crack me up. And I’m not quite sure that rock turned out the way it was supposed to. I’m thinking it really wanted to be some type of warty toad.

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