Good Times

A couple of weeks ago, three garden bloggers met for the first time. This is a short synopsis of that encounter.

Ms. Tina, husband Mr. Fix-it, and son Jimmy drove north to visit family in Maine. Ms. Tina’s route was going to take her within a 45 minute drive of my place, and even closer to Ms. Cindy’s. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend time in either my or Ms. Cindy’s garden, but that didn’t prevent us from forming a special bond that will last a lifetime.

We all met at Bob Evans, a popular restaurant just off I-79, and a convenient stopping point for Ms. Tina and her family. I have a better photo (see below) of John, but in this one, clockwise from the left: Handsome hands of John, Darlin little Lillian who was such an angel the entire time; Pretty Ms. Cindy; handsome young Jimmy; handsome old…er…sorry…handsome young Mr. Fix-it; and Pretty Ms. Tina.

Here’s a better picture of John. I think he’s showing Ms. Tina the proper grip for holding pruning shears.

I wish we would’ve had more time, but with Ms. Tina and family still having to drive further north, we had to cut short a most memorable visit.

That’s Mr. Fix-it, Ms. Tina and Sir Jimmy behind me in their family pick-up, as we merge onto I-79. I only had to drive about 45 miles before my exit; I think they had another 500 to go before theirs.

We passed along a few plants, heirlooms perhaps, that will be planted in each of our gardens. And these will take root, establishing themselves in our gardens, and in turn, allowing each of us to be established in each other’s hearts as well.

God bless you and your family Ms. Tina, and you and yours Ms. Cindy. I know we’ll meet again soon.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Good Times”

You’re lucky to have had even the little bit of time to get to know each other. Glad everyone had such a good time.Marnie

Ms. W2W: We’re from south-central Kentucky, a couple hours north and east of Nashville. We’d love to stop and visit! Don’t be surprised if it don’t happen in the near future. And I do enjoy Nickel Creek, I hear they’ve kinda broke up, but one of the guitar players has a new release that’s supposed to be really good.Ms. Cinty: Yes, it is hard to believe. Time don’t take its time does it? Don’t fret, I think you’ll get to meet Mrs. TC soon. ;~)Ms. Karrita: You’re most welcome, and I enjoyed reading your post. I’m glad you got a chuckle from my comments. I’ll be visiting your blog again, count on it. Ms. Tina: You just made me grin from ear to ear with that comment!

Hi tc~I thought I’d come over and say “Thank you” for the punctuation lessons and posts you left on my blog. You made me laugh today.Karrita

TC ~ It’s hard to believe that was already a couple of weeks ago! I love your post about our meet up and all your pictures too! I hope next time we’ll get to meet Mrs. TC!

Mr. Fix-it, I think you and my husband may have a lot in common with regard to handyman skills. He is pretty good as a carpenter but mechanically…well that’s another story, and I had better not go there. TC, you and your family will have to come down here on your way to KY sometime. Did you say you are from the western part? I can’t remember. I added some Nickel Creek to my site. Thought you might enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

This is Mr Fix-it Got that name because I usually Broke it first so I could fix-it (LOL) It was a very special pleasure to meet Some of Ms. Tina’s Gardening pals. As they are always so nice. I guess it is they are all down to earth, or at least down in the dirt to plant all the wonders that arrive in the Spring, Summer, Fall and sometimes Winter seasons. Although I do not know much about Gardening they always find ways to include me in to their conversations. It was especially nice to meet with TC and Ms. Cindy and her family. I feel that we made friends that will last a life time.

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