The Reveal

The photo of the waterfall in my previous post was taken at the Cleveland Botanical Garden this past July. My wife and I were there the day after seeing Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in concert, which was an absolutely amazing musical feast (we met folks who didn’t know who she was, and others who didn’t know who he was). Some of you guessed that the falls were a water feature in my garden. If only! Perhaps you of the bourgeois luxuriate around such features in your garden.

If you live within a couple hours drive of Cleveland, the CBG is a must see. And it’s affordable at $7.50 per ticket. The heat of summer was on when we were there, but there’s plenty of places you can go to cool off.

Okay, enough of summer past, let’s get into present winter.

King corn

From this…

To this (Black Gum).

And now, for all you ailurophiles:

Lightning (photographed by Meghan)

Lightning and Meghan (photographed by Meghan)

And finally, partly because my wife is superannuated, and partly because she loves doing it…

Why we’re gardeners


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

17 replies on “The Reveal”

Hi Ms. Darla, and thanks so much for stoppin by. I love havin new visitors. I’m not too fond of snow because of the pile up at the end of my driveway from the huge snow plow trucks. It’s a cold and constant chore keepin the driveway cleared when we get lots of snow. A chore I’m gettin more tired of as the years pass. Good luck with your cannin!

Lovely garden photos. When I saw all of that snow, I had to see where you live. It’s beautiful. Cute cat with the adorable girl. You have a good wife with all that she’s canning, tyring to do a little of that myself.

Ms. Sherry: I’m not fond of her at all. Oh, the first snow is pretty, I’ll admit it, but after that, they all look the same: COLD! W2W: After all these years she’s been canning, I’ve not heard her complain once.Ms. Marnie: My daughter is crazy about her cat, and the newest one, Hemmingway, acts like a little puppy chasing and playing with her when she gets in from school.

Funny, I don't hear your wife complaining about the work she did at the stove. Besides, gardening is fun, not work. If you can't stand the "heat," TC… ;>}

Dear TC,Winter did come to you and my you make her look beautiful! My neighbor has a black gum and I was taking pictures of it today in all it’s Autumn glory! I shall look again after our first snow!Your cupboard is also my idea of why we garden…winter looks yummy!Stay warm.Sherry

Ms. Kylee: Lightning is a female. Her brother, Tornado, was lost recently due to a traffic accident. :~( I think we’ll be making the CBG a yearly trek; it’s close and easy to find from here.

The black gum is pretty in both seasons!! And of course, being the cat lover I am, Lightning is adorable. He looks like our Max!I’ve been to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens several times and got in free every time, because I’m a member of the AHS (American Horticultural Society). It’s the best deal out there, and has more than paid for itself! Every gardener should be a member!

Ms. Tina: Yes, old fashioned was the proper context. I don’t think my wife has ever canned anything I didn’t like. Ms. Katarina: I’m also lucky to have a wife who enjoys canning. I can grow the stuff, that’s about it. Joe: Thanks for the kind words. But I’m sure you know how many bad photos you take for every good one. Keep those girls little, they grow up too darn fast!Ms. Cindy: It is pretty, if for but a day! (I no like winter.)Ms. W2W: (I hope I’m not too syllabic that it becomes confusing.) I agree with you to a degree – my wife deserves most of the credit for slaving “over a hot stove” while canning, but as for me “enjoying” myself in the garden, it all depends on what you call enjoyment. If you meant the lull the comes mid-season while waiting for harvest time, yes, I did enjoy that. ;~)I’ll try not to mention the “four-letter name” in any comment I make over at your place. However, you must be prepared to hear snow mentioned quite often here.

You're quite the sesquipedalian writer, TC! Looks like you're stocked and ready for whatever winter (or the economy) has to throw your way. Your wife deserves most of the credit, too, having slaved over a hot stove while you enjoyed yourself in the garden. As for that white stuff you have portrayed (quite beautifully, by the way), please refrain from mentioning its four-letter name! I'm trying to keep it away from here for as long as I possibly can and am afraid that even just talking about it will make it a reality. ;>}

From the heat of the summer to a beautiful fall to those frosty photos! Brrrr. Looks like you have a pretty winter wonderland up there.

I can appreciate the difficulty of showing off a beautiful botanical garden or any garden for that matter in the height of summer. Pictures rarely tell the story of how beautiful they can be, even then. I’d say you still were able to take some great shots here TC. But, what a contrast to the ‘reveal’ shots you included. Your garden / landscape is neat in the fall but how cool to see the same scenes in winter. Love the black gum shots!!! My daughters (9 @10) love the cat shots best!

If only I had a larder like that! And the patience to make jam…We’re both lucky to have nice botalnicla gardens nearby – they really are treasures!

Okay now TC, I am keeping track of all the new vocabulary words you are teaching me, and boy do I feel like an idiot sometimes:) We have spavined, ailurophiles, and superannuated. That is three! Where on earth are you getting these words from? P.S. I am going to take the last word that you mean your wife is old fashioned and not older than a typical member of the group? She might not like the alternate definition. The black gum photos are pretty cool. Wow.

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