Say nothing Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

21 replies on “Say nothing Saturday”

You know, TC, you’re the one who should make this a regular meme. Saturday was named for the Roman god of agriculture. One of the meanings of the word saturnine is taciturn. Besides, have you ever known a woman to be truly silent? You said we think alike. If that’s true, that you can think like a middle-aged woman, then your wife has it made in the shade. Nothing to worry about as you both get older because there will never be any arguments. Remember Mel Gibson in that movie a few years back? You could clone yourself, and the world would be at peace. Hope you have a great holiday with your family!

Ms. Lisa: Yes, they’re from this year. It seems the woolly worm’s prediction of a harsh start to winter has come to fruition. :(Skeeter: And a most HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours! Now go get warm! ;~)(I’ve been meaning to ask if you get bothered by skeeters in summer? They must love my and my daughter’s blood; we get ate up! Do you use that id name as a moniker for mosquito?) Ms. Ann: Thanks for the return visit. And I appreciate the kind words. I read your reply to my post and can see how you’ve managed. ;~)

Love your music as well as your photos and words. Followed you here from a message you left for me regarding bringing the garden indoors. Will spend more time looking around. Great job!

Just wanted to pop over here and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! It is cold looking at your blog so I am going to say goodbye now! 🙂 burrrr, teeth chattering….

Hi TC. Love the snow pics. Are they from this year already? We barely had a dusting.Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving.Lisa

W2W: Guess what? I didn’t even know what “meme” meant until recently; and “Say nothing Saturday” isn’t meant to be one. But you’re more than welcome to use “Say nothing [insert day of week of your choice here]” on your blog any time you like. And you can also be sure I’ll come over and say something. (Your favorite is also mine. We think alike.)

When I first saw your post title, I thought you were chasing us away from commenting! Is this a new meme, and you’re nonverbally inviting us all to participate? I like the idea. Words can really mess things up sometimes and are often misinterpreted. What can you say about such a beautiful scene, anyway? My favorite pic is the thorny one with the snow piled up.

Pat: I’m not too happy about it either, it’s beautiful at first, but then gets rather ugly after a few days. Marnie: The only way I drive on snow covered roads is: VERY SLOW (I also use studded snow tires).T: If things work out next year, maybe I’ll bring you a frozen snowball!

wow, man! i can’t even remember the last time it snowed like that here. when i was a kid (blah blah blah) but i do miss it.

I love your photos. Snow is just great when viewed thru as a photo from a great, long distance. We had some last night:( Why do people think they can drive 65mph on snow covered roads? Ok, I’ll stop whining.Marnie

What a surprise! I’m not happy to see so much snow anywhere yet. I’m waiting for my new tires to arrive. Beautiful photos, though. Thank you.

Dave: Thanks, I like that picture too. I’ve often thought of doing more with my photography, but need assistance with my ideas. Flydragon: Thank you. And are you sure you don’t want any snow there? Just look how purddy it is. ;~)Katarina: I’ll say that it’s too much snow! And the “lovely” wears off mighty quick. Deb: Oh why did you have to mention “five more months??” Boo hoo is more like it! I’ve never adapted to zone 5 winters. Factor in the wind chill and it’s BRRRRR!!Cindy: I was talking to a customer today who said Pittsburgh just got a dusting compared to Grove City. I said “Phoeey!” Have you had Lillian out in any snow yet? Cherish those moments. Kylee: I suspect y’all will get yours too, but I hope it don’t bury you. ;~)Joe: “Momentary escapes” sometimes feel like hours and hours of bliss. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like that when it snows!Tina: It’s hard to stay warm when you’re spavined! Fern: Thanks for not telling me! ;~P

Hey TC, I am seriously believing you on how darn cold it is up there. I just got back from Ohio and it was a frosty 16 degrees! I could not believe the change from Tennessee as it is really not so far, but what a difference. Stay warm.

Well I wasn’t expecting that but “Wow” is right! That’s beautiful. Love the music effect too. Thanks for the momentary escape.JL

Oh my goodness! I heard you got snow up that way and boy, did you! They kept saying we would get a little bit of lake effect snow, but we never did. I’m sure our day is coming, though.

The pictures say it all! We didn’t get nearly that amount (thank goodness)! I don’t want to be using the snow blower before Thanksgiving…or December for that matter!

Wonderful photos! You left a comment over at my place, so I decided to pay you a visit – glad I did! Loved the music, too. We had snow here in mid coast Maine today, but just flurries, granular, and no accumulation. The wind however was brutal and it has not gone above 26 degrees here. Five more months of this – woo hoo!

Wow! You all got a good snow. We probably won’t see anything like that down here. That first tree picture is a great winter shot!

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