A proposal

A good friend of mine (are you comfortable calling someone “a good friend” even though you’ve never “met” them?) came up with an interesting proposal. She wondered if I might be up to creating one of those meme things. First, let me say that I’ve never done much spreading around of stuff (composted manure, leaf mulch, seeds and other gardening paraphenalia excluded) and secondly, I didn’t even know what a meme was till recently. So, I gave it some thought, and decided why not? It’s winter, the garden is cold and lifeless (not really, if you look a ways under the dirt), and you don’t have to say anything for the meme I’ll be creating.

“Say Nothin’ Saturday” will make its second appearance this Saturday, November 29th, and I’ll start having Say Nothin’ Saturdays weekly, on…yes, Saturday. And don’t worry, if you don’t want to say anything (read: post your own or comment on blogs of other Say Nothin’ Saturday participants) that’s quite alright; “it ain’t no thang.”

All you have to do on Say Nothin’ Saturday is say nothin. Instead, you’ll post a photograph, or two, or three. Don’t go overboard with them, pick a few, or one, that says something to you, or one that don’t say anything, and post it. I’ll do the same, like I did in last Saturday’s Say Nothin’ Saturday. If you think a word or two about your picture is necessary, well, you’re really not playin right, but go ahead and say it; only a word or three please.

I’d ask all those who decide to do this, to send me a link to your Say Nothin’ Saturday post in your comment to my Say Nothin’ Saturday post. I’ll compile them in a similar fashion as was done when we all participated in Dave’s Garden Blogger Fall Color Project (no promises that my compilation will match the wonderful method Dave used) and add the links in a side bar on my site.

My good friend who posited this idea is walk2write, who noted in a recent comment that “Saturday was named for the Roman god of agriculture.” Which could possibly make my Say Nothin’ Saturday meme a tad more relevant to gardeners. But keep in mind that your Say Nothin’ Saturday post doesn’t have to say anything about a particular subject. It can “say” whatever you want it to, besides, sometimes sayin nothin is the best thing to say.

And from us to y’all: Happy Thanksgiving!

See ya Saturday.

I was informed about a similar meme called “Wordless Wednesday.” If you’re speechless on Wednesdays, and one day a week is long enough for you to keep quiet, don’t feel obligated to “Say Nothin’ Saturday.”

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

3 replies on “A proposal”

Great new meme! I’m also partial to “Sleep-in Saturday,” although that one really has nothing to do with the Internet, and so probably doesn’t count.But it’s pretty cool, nonetheless.Thanks for stopping by my blog – love yours!:^) Anna

I shall give this a try…sounds like fun. Let me see what I can come up with on Saturday.Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving.Sherry

Happy Thanksgiving TC and family! Not sure about this Say Nothing Saturday as it is always Skeeter’s day, and if you know us at In the Garden, it is awfully hard for us to say nothing:) But I’ll surely come and visit you anyhow. Is that okay?

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