Say Nothin’ Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

15 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Ms. Lola: I’ve pictured a greenhouse in the backyard many times; it just won’t appear on its own though! ;~)Ms. Frances: I’m glad you were able to get your list up and playin. And you are on my buddylist now.

Hi TC, I finally figured out how to email you my playlist. And 5 people think I am stupid. And 3 people have a crush on me. But I could not figure out how to add you to my buddy list, but I have a buddy I have never heard of! WordPress will not allow playlists to be put on the blog, and I could not even figure out how to get it on the blogger faire garden even though I have the code. Sigh. Oh well. What I wanted to do was make a cd of it, but can’t do that either. Hope you like my choices on my playlist, I was just fooling around, trying to think of songs I like. Rocky Top should have been by Conway Twitty, but they didn’t have that one. :-)Frances

Hi TC, I thought that was rhubarb but also thought it strange if you had it in your garden this time of yr. unless you had a hothouse. I don't like bugs either but they come with the territory. Like "the good, the bad & the ugly"Turning colder here but not like what you have. You stay warm now ya hear. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

Hi Ms. Frances, and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad your ears found my playlist pleasing. Memento was something else wasn’t it?? I’ve not seen the other two you mentioned. Email the link to your playlist, I’d like to hear it. Or you can find me there as: “TheWriteGuitarist” and add me to your buddylist

Hi TC, I have to say how intrigued I am by your playlist. Not the norm and much more to my fellow taurean taste. 🙂 I even signed up for my own, but probably won’t have it on the blog. BTW, Memento is a fave movie of all time, along with Howard’s End and Fantastia, LOL.Frances

WS: Aphids don’t survive Zone 5 winters, that’s a summer photo. And I agree completely that “organic vegetable gardening is as much art as science.”

Yuck! It’s not fair how certain pests seem to survive through the cold months. I’ve come to believe that successful organic vegetable gardening is as much art as science. Not to mention luck…

Ms. Tina, yes it was rhubarb. You can see the reddish tinge of the stalk if you look closely. Click on the image and it’ll open a bigger picture.

Ms. Tina: This wasn’t rhubarb in my garden! I took the photo at a garden center of all places. Flydragon: Definitely “EWWWWWW!!” And a great day! (“Great day!” is an exclamation of surprise and astonishment, often heard in southern dialects.)Ms. Sherry: Thankfully, I’ve not had trouble with many bad bugs like those pictured; Japanese beetles are what bothers my garden the most. You stay warm too, snuggle all you can! ;~)Ms. Fern: I concur. But you know as well as I that they must have some purpose. TC to God: “Excuse me Sir, but why did you create aphids?” God: “So lady bugs would have something to do.”

Oh no! Look at all those bugs! Man I hate them. I wish they had never been created. What in the world is the purpose of the aphid, in the greater scheme of things?!

Hi TC,”Say Nuthin saturday” sure says lots! Yikes…I do miss the bugs. It is so cold here and snow is in the forcast I wonder if I will ever be warm again.Hope you and yours have a Happy Christmas.Sherry

I am really liking your Say Nuthin Saturday TC. That rhubarb leave looks pretty buggy. I told Mr. Fix-it what you said on the boat post, he started laughing. I think he’ll respond on it himself as I am sure he’ll defend the silly thing. For me, I’ll be ever so happy when that boat is sold!

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