Special Company

My oldest son is on his way up from Kentucky. We last saw him, and most of my family, back in April. My parents, brothers, sisters, and most all other relatives live in states south of here so I don’t get to see The Conners as much as I’d like. Unfortunately, and oddly, we don’t seem to “get out” all that much anymore. Except for my son, Benjamin, who seems to be on the go a lot. At 28, he’s still a young man with energy to spare, and loves to travel when he can.

(Bonus points if you can name the fish.)

The start of 2009 will be mighty special!

The dogwood pictured in my previous post was photographed in downtown Pittsburgh. I don’t know the variety name. What’s striking, for me anyway, is its natural beauty in comparison to the man-made beauty of the “concrete jungle.”

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

15 replies on “Special Company”

That’s right W2W! I forgot. Mr. Fix-it, you’re hereby awarded 10 bonus points. (Only ten because you’re a southerner and supposed to know stuff like that anyhow.)

W2W: No, I’m not keeping score. ;~)Ms. Lola: I think one of the largest known small mouths came out of Lake Cumberland, that’s in Kentucky. I’ve also heard of some whoppers comin out of Kentucky Lake also. And tell your grandson thanks!

Hi TC. I was going to say a small mouth bass too. Being from TN. & the Ky.Lake region where there's plenty of fishing spots you kinda learn your fish, sort of. We've fished there plenty in the past.By the way my ggs likes you music. He was grinning from ear to ear. The fast music.

Aha! Crappie, indeed! Good for Mr. Fix-It. Of course, now I'll never get Hubby to participate again.;>[ I do love these guessing posts, TC. Are you keeping score, by the way? If you are, I think I'm 0 for 3 or 4 by now. The pistol remark I made earlier was entirely complimentary, I hope you know. We had a neighbor who earned the nickname because he was so funny and full of mischief, a really great guy.

Ms. Anna: You’re welcome, I try to follow those blogs that I find very interesting; ones with a good mix of humor, both literary and gardening. Frances: Thankfully, I don’t have to prompt and plead with my oldest son to come for a visit. He schedules and plans it all out on his own. And I love the song “Faries Wear Boots” by Black Sabbath! Ms. Tina: Tell Mr. Fix-it he knows his fish. It is indeed a small mouth bass.

Hi TC, Faries wear boots, HA! 🙂 What a cool fish, whatever it is, too. Having your family members get together does take some doing when they live far away. It does make you enjoy and treasure that time that much more. Hope your 2009 is the best ever!Frances

Wow – great catch!Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog – I really appreciate that!Happy New Year – here’s to a fabulous 2009!:^) Anna

WS: Yes indeed, it is dead. But this one wasn’t for eating. Ms. Darla: Yes, it is a member of the bass family. W2W: No, not a crappie (but your pronunciation is right). Ms. Tina: I don’t think we’ll do any fishin, however, there will be plenty of pickin and grinnin!About that dogwood photo: the “person who knew right away” (flydragon) knew only because she clicked on the image and read the file name. This was before I renamed it and uploaded again so that wouldn’t happen anymore while the guessing game was being played. Actually the joke was on me because I asked flydragon how she knew it was Pittsburgh and she told me that by clicking on the image it brought up the file name in the address bar and I never thought of that.

A chip off the old block TC! Have fun visiting and get some fishing in too. I’ll get Mr. Fix-it to look at that pretty fish to see if he knows-I have no idea. Actually, I think WS got it right-a dead fish!I thought the dogwood picture very special. And kudos to the person who knew right away it was Pittsburgh. I never would’ve known. Have a Happy New Year.

Hubby thinks he has been drawn into the dark side. I asked his opinion, and he gave it as a hybrid crappie (pronounced “craw-pee”) of some kind. So give him the credit or the blame on this one. Your son is one lucky son-of-a-gun (a real pistol!), and you can tell him so from me. I’m glad your ’09 is turning out to be divine!

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