Good Times

They must come to an end, in order that there be a beginning to future ones I suppose.

My oldest son, Benjamin, had a safe trip back to Kentucky and now I’m readjusting to the emptiness he left behind. My two youngest are quickly filling the void, as they have in the past and will continue to do in the future when this happens again, that is until our nest is completely empty (something I don’t care to think about). Is it selfish of me to want my children to remain with me forever? Is it any more or less selfish if a gardener wants the growing season to last 365 days a year?

Gardening catalogs make it all the more difficult during winter. So far I’ve received the following spring 2009 catalogs: Bluestone Perennials, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Burpee Gardening, Plant Delights Nursery (the “MAD” magazine of gardening catalogs), and Jung Seeds & Plants. These are only the beginning of the deluge.

What helps you make it through sad times? Or perhaps you’re the type that isn’t bothered by such frailties of the human spirit. I think I’ve gotten a little more thick-skinned over the years, and yet just thinking about my children leaving home causes a feeling of gloom. Maybe I’ve not hardened all that much after all. (Surviving zone 5 winters is just as gloomy, if not more so.)

I wore something out of the ordinary the other night when The Doghouse Three gave a little mini-concert at a local coffee shop. Well, out of the ordinary for me anyway; a light green sweater-vest over a long-sleeved white shirt. I could’ve swore my wife told me it made me look 10 years younger; she denied saying that. Oh well, it felt good to imagine it for a while anyway.

Here’s an aside: guess what flower and/or tree is pictured.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

16 replies on “Good Times”

How about pink with purple hearts? lol… The Saint does not play much anymore. He kind of picks here and there. Sigh, What a shame to waste such a beautiful guitar. Come on down and maybe you can get his fingers a hopping!

Skeeter: Thank you for the nice compliment on my wardrobe for that performance. We’ve another one comin up on Valentine’s Day; should I wear a pink vest with hearts on it? ;~) I’d love to show up in your living room and have the Saint show me a few saintly licks on the guitar!

That green sweater vest works well here in Augusta Georgia! You would blend right in during the month of April… The Saint picked up his guitar recently and showed Tina’s son a trick or two. We had a nice little concert in the living room! 🙂

W2W: You wouldn’t kvetch none about my cloggin now would ya? Ms. Lisa: No need to apologize for not stoppin in, I’m just as guilty as the next guy or gal. ;~)Ms. Frances: Your guess is correct. And I don’t think workin in the garden is an option for me at this time of the year. ;~)

Hi TC, I didn’t read the comments but am guessing a clematis and white birch. I was happy when each child moved out, but not happy when we moved too far away from them to be able to hop in the car and get there within a few hours, Texas with them in TN. I like not having them in the house, and love them having houses of their own, with gardens to watch them plant and love. When I am sad, I work in the garden, no matter the weather, of course that is easier to do here than in some places. And you do look quite fetching in the green sweater vest! :-)Frances

Hi TC. Sorry I haven’t visited for a while. If you check out my blog, you’ll see why. My situation was the other way around. I was the one that had moved far away. From Indiana to Florida. Once my grandson was born, I had to come back. I couldn’t stand only being able to see him via “Photobucket”.Take care and have a great week.Lisa

TC, I’m already pretty good at kvetching. If I start kvassing, who knows what might happen? As for the fire ants, unless you’re an accomplished stilt-walker, I’m afraid there is not much hope for avoiding them. Knowing how to clog would help, though. If you keep moving, they can’t find you.

Dave: I highly recommend you find a way to keep them young. I’m still tryin, but it seems like it’s not workin. Ms. Tina: I’d like to have a paper birch, the way their bark peels and hangs on the trunk is really cool. I need new speakers for my computer sound system too, can I borrow Mr. Fix-it? ;~)T: Thanks. It was actually quite comfortable and I’m thinking of adding one or two to my wardrobe. (The one I had on was borrowed; my son suggested I wear his.)W2W: I didn’t know this “Betula” had magical properties! I’m especially interested in its “bioenergetic therapeutic effect.” Perhaps you’d like to join me for a hot cup of “birch kvass” at some future point in time? (If I moved there, would you protect me from the fire ants??)Ms. Lola: You better believe I can clog! I often show off during performances of “Sadie’s Got Her New Dress On.”

Boy, I whole heartily agree with walk2write. “Come on down” to the sunny South. Gardening all yr.Bring the music with you. Who doesn’t like music!!! Can you clog?

The green vest is most becoming, friend and doting father. Besides the visit from your progeny, I’m thinking it was the birch that made you feel younger, though: you want to garden year-round, then move way down south! We could use more dedicated gardeners (and bluegrass fans!) here, you know.

Paper birch? Looks like you were having fun pickin! When I brought up your blog I heard this sound like a jet and immediately got up to look for the plane crashing into my house! You see Mr. Fix-it hooked up some stereo speakers so the sound of the song sounded just like a jet going by the house. Too weird and it scared me half to death but I have to laugh at myself too. Next time I’ll be ready! Glad you son had a safe trip back to KY.

I don’t think there’s anything selfish about it. I know it will be a while before we have a similar issue but when that day comes I know we’ll be the same.

Ms. Lola and Ms. Kylee You guessed correctly, the tree is a white birch, and yes Ms. Kylee, the spent blooms are from clematis.

It’s not unusual at all for you to feel the way you do about your kids. My husband and I were the same way. We openly grieved. (At home, anyway.) But now we’re used to them being gone and enjoy the quiet time together. We are really happy when they come home though!My guesses are the seed heads are Clematis and the tree is White Birch.

Could it be a White Birch or River Birch.Seeing your children go is always hard on the heart. But we must realize they have their own life to live. But is it ever so sweet when they walk through our door if only for a little while.I am so glad you have your music.

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