We’ve got a lot of snow since Friday, 8 or 9 inches I’d guess. It’s accumulated to the point where I can’t get to the outhouse. And as you can clearly see, that’s a good thing because I can’t imagine what would happen to my butt cheeks should I sit on something as cold as what’s pictured!

My paternal grandparents had a three-seater; two adult sized openings, and one for little tykes and tots (I bravely sat on the adult sized seat once) . I have vivid memories of not wanting to use the outhouse, but having no other options, forced myself and overcame the fear of red wasps and mud daubers who found it the ideal summer nesting site.

I have no memories of “Little Granny’s” garden, mostly due to the fact that my interest and love of gardening didn’t kick in until I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s. By then, I was mostly on my own, out and away from family and their gardens.

Winters here in the northeast are always a struggle for me. I struggle to find a pleasing and different method of photographing snow scenes; I struggle to find beauty in the photos of other bloggers’ snow scenes; I stuggle to get some semblance of spring when temperatures are in the teens and snow is knee deep, and on and on, blah blah blah.

It appears that I’ve become obsessed
with the progress of this amaryllis.

This is how it looks today.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

21 replies on “Untitled”

Um, I am wondering if you use your outhouse? Can’t say that I have ever had the opportunity! 🙂 Thanks for the very thoughtful post on raised beds!

Okay, so I’m guilty of TMI. Note to self: practice WWM (word waste management). Keep warm and have a great weekend!

W2W: I feel so much more educated about the subject! Whether that’ll get me anywhere is beside the point. But it does make for rather “foul” conversation wouldn’t you agree? ;~)

Not sure about John, TC, but I just found out with a little research that Thomas Crapper was not the inventor of the flush toilet. I am crushed! One of my favorite legends is exposed and debunked: Crapper apparently really was a plumber and held several patents, but alas, he only helped move along the progress of toilet development. And I’m sure that being a plumber, he never ran out of work or was short of money. Side note: best money we ever spent was for a replacement (Toto) toilet at the house here. Toilets that flush properly and don’t waste water are worth their weight in…something. Okay, I’m done talking about it!

W2W: Was that his name?? Believe it or not, I was tryin to think of it earlier this mornin in a reply to another commenter. It’s warmed to minus 1 from minus 5 here, so I know all about freezin your @#* off! My goose down coat sure is worth its weight in feathers right now! I wonder if the dude’s name was really John and if he’s a billionaire?

Thanks, TC, but I like the implication on yours better: You’ll freeze your @#* off here! Just don’t be like Flick on The Christmas Story and accept any double dog dares. The port-a-john on the beach in St. Augustine was there for a holiday, I think, to handle the overflow, you know.

I think I could have written this post. My maternal grandparents had a two-seater. Seems like it took them forever to get indoor plumbing. I didn’t mind using the outhouse tho. I probably thought of it as an adventure.Like your grandparents mine too were avid gardeners. I wish I had taken more time to appreciate it.And by the way, if you had sat down on that potty lid I’m afraid you would still be there. Ouch!

W2W: Your post about outhouses was much more pertinent than mine. I think port-a-johns should never be seen at beaches.

Not sure, but that is okay. He was on his computer doing something and I think that was the deal-he was like seriously concentrating. A good thing I suppose.

T: Mine is fully open now. My wife would rather it be a more darker shade of pink. But I think it’s perfectly colored. Dave: Don’t it though!? ;~)Ms. Tina: What would the Jimster prefer? Perhaps I’ll add one or two of something he likes.Ms. Kylee: I have three fully open blooms, and one in waiting. Ms. Marnie: You’ve brought out a very interesting observation. Perhaps it was indeed a family affair. ;~OFlydragon: An excellent and most appropriate little ditty, lacks one line bein a limerick but I don’t care. ;~)

I'm with flydragon. We only had a 1 holer/seater. Had that till we moved to town when I was a senior in high school. Sure was cold in the winter.We use to keep our pet rabbit in it & boy the screams when women visitors were present. Funny then, funny now.

I don’t understand the purpose of a three seater. Did Ma, Pa and a kid all sit their together? That just isn’t very appealing.Marnie

Gee and my amaryllis hasn’t even made an appearance yet. Have to laugh at your outhouse. My paternal grandfather also had one. It may sound strange but I am happy I had the opportunity to use a loo outside. The Jimster says turn off the music! Even when I explained who’s it was, silly kid I am enjoying listening to I am alive.

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