"Pot" party?

There was a note in the church bulletin a couple weeks ago inviting folks to a “pot“ing party. A nice little witty invite for folks to come and help re-pot some houseplants (or should they be called churchplants?). I showed up on the scheduled day only to find one other volunteer, and there were quite a few plants to tend to.

My assistant had to leave after about an hour, and I was left all alone. It didn’t seem like it took as long as it did, but after about four hours the task was complete and the churchplants looked much happier.

Zone 5 winter

Can you help me identify this plant? My wonderful editor at the paper says it’s a petunia tree. She got it from her mother who lives in Texas.

Here’s a close-up of one of the leaves.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

12 replies on “"Pot" party?”

Sounds like a nice party you had there even though alone in the end. The Saint and I are always the last to leave a good party also… Your mystery plant looks like a Poinsettia to me but I see Dave and Frances have already guessed that one incorrectly. Let us know if you figure it out…

I’m glad to hear this wasn’t the kind of party they drag you out of in handcuffs. Altho that would have been an exciting blog too. Your petunia tree looks ill to me. Marnie

Ms. Frances: I just missed your comment, else I would’ve included your reply in with the others. I’m well aware of the sharp wit of W2W. We’ve had some very interesting dialogue recently and I’m thinking about bringing it up in a new post. She kind of poked me in the eye, if you will, and cracked the window a little bit. I think you got the same results I did when I Googled “Petunia Tree.” None of which provided me with any help. Some time back I emailed Felder Rushing about it and got a reply, but can’t find that email message now. :~(

Ms. Jennifer: :~OMs. Tina: It does have pretty leaves doesn’t it? I love that bright spring green. Flydragon: It was just a pot(ing) party, nothing more (God lives there you know). Ms. Darla: Those veins are cool lookin aren’t they?Dave: I’m still searchin for an ID.Ms. Annie: Thanks for stoppin in. I truly appreciate first-time visitors, and when they leave a comment, it’s all the more special. Since I’ve not seen any flowers on my mystery plant yet, I’ll not rule out nicotiana. Thanks for your help with IDing it. W2W: I know the plants, and God, appreciate it, I hope Father does as well. A “Pampered Chef consultant?” Me?? Ha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard since someone said I looked like Elvis Presley. ;~P

Hi TC, that W2W, what a sharp tack she is! HA You are indeed a good fellow for doing all the work yourself. You probably did a better job than anyone else would have anyway. Maybe some were put off by the name? I googled petunia tree and got a bunch of wave petunias on posts kind of things. It does have a poinsettia look to it and the color seems a vitamin deficiency, like iron, but really I don’t have a clue.Frances

What a trooper you are to do all that work! I hope everyone at church appreciates it. At least the plants will. Provocative title, there, TC. When I first saw it on my sidebar, I thought you had become a Pampered Chef consultant or something.

Hello Write Gardener, Somehow ended up here at your interesting blog while following a Twitter-trail. This question intrigues me enough to make a guess. The leaves look like something in the Nightshade/Solanaceae family. The color might be a result of inside winter light rather than normal light. Take a look at this photo of Flowering Tree Tobacco and see if there’s a resemblance. It’s probably not the exact plant, but might help you find a proper ID. You’re a good sport to show up and do most of the potting work! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Can’t help you with the ID on the ‘petunia tree’, but it sure has pretty leaves. Looks like all the plants were happy at their pot party:)

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