Winter Blahs

I blame my absence from the blogosphere on these northeast winters. I blame a lot of things on them. Here’s a list of things I blame on northeast winters:

1) Increase in body fat.
2) Aching joints.
4) Seasonal Affective Disorder.
5) Short tempers.

6) (Too much snow.)
7) Rod Blagojevich.
8) Cheesy inventions.
9) Frost heave.

10) (Weird gardening seminar speakers.)


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

13 replies on “Winter Blahs”

Ms. France: Rick’s butterfly talk was the best so far this year. But the year is still young (hopefully, I’ll be joining the ranks of garden lecturers soon).Ms. Shawna: Thanks for stopping by. I know about Vitamin D and how to get it naturally; but it’s tough when there’s no sunlight to provide your body with the spark it needs to manufacture this all-important vitamin. Ms. Kylee: It could’ve been much longer. ;~)Susie: He even had a net cage full of very active monarch butterflies! Seeing them in the dead of winter was awesome.

Love the list and all so true for me too! I’m not a winter fan and our winters are nothing compared to yours. Enjoyed the funny picture of the seminar speaker. Maybe with the suit on he gets an extra layer of insulation.

It’s getting tough to last through this winter for sure, but it’ll be done soon! YAY!Think positive and get outside as often as possible to increase serotonin – daylight exposure is the quickest way to do this!Shawna

Hi TC, winter is certainly overstaying its welcome here.too. We don’t have snow, or haven’t yet this season, so there is not even that bit of beauty to be had. The butterfly guy must have given a great presentation with those visual aids. :-)Frances

Ms. Nikki: It’s wearing on me even more as I get older. Sweet home Alabama, or Kentucky!Ms. Tina: Spring won’t spring soon enough!W2W: Eye’s all better, and Rick Mikula aka That Butterfly Guy gave a wonderful presentation with enough humor scattered around to make it well worth listening to, and seeing. Flydragon: I’ve been wondering why you don’t see cotton toppers testing that thing in any of those demo videos??Skeeter: I think they should get a few of us “old” snow shovelers to test that gadget! I’ve not seen those things around here yet. And how would you store that contraption?? Dave: He’s really not weird; terribly funny and a great speaker. Jim/ArtofGardening: His get-up is part of the allure of his presentation on butterflies. He’s not really strange at all, I think most gardeners would really enjoy his talks. And thanks for stopping by, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. It’s always a pleasure seeing new faces, and especially nice when they leave a comment. So, thanks and come again.

To heck with the pot party. I want to go to that seminar and have what the speaker is drinking! Neat snow invention. True southern snow plow!Stay Warm…

AMEN..I would like to invite that Cheesy inventor over here though to test out his inventions in my driveway.

Getting ready for Mardi Gras, are we? I hope your eye is feeling better. The guy in the butterfly suit looks like he could spare a few.

The first picture is really pretty… but if I had to look at it all season long it’d wear me down too… hang in there!

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