Old is new again

Someone recently told me to “put a new blog up today – the snow pics are old!” Which caused me to do some rethinking of my priorities. And then after I rethunk things, it hit me…and became almost as clear as the sunlight in that photo: I must write! Not only about gardening, but about other stuff. And not only do I need to write about things, I also need to get out and become more active in the community gardening realm. When I say community gardening, I’m not specifically referring to a community plot where folks rent a section of dirt and do their thing there, I’m also talkin about the backyard and frontyard gardens of friends and neighbors. So, I’d like to thank Shawna for the jolt of realism at a time when I needed it.

Who knows, I might even take a trip out west to Renee’s Garden. I get a media packet about this time each year and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more informational seed packet than what Renee does her seeds up in. Each is printed with all the information about the plant that you’d find in a full size catalog. They’re too lovely to toss so I laminate them use them as plant markers. And even though we’ve still got at least a foot of snow, I can dream about sunny California and how Renee might like havin an old Kentucky boy visit her garden.

These seed packets have all the info you need printed right on the packet itself. There’s not a more attractive way of doing this, at least not one that I’ve seen.

It might be a little early to blog about Valentines Day, but I’m going to anyway. I have a favorite picture of my two youngest kids taken when they were little. My sister arranged them on a stump that’s along the edge of her yard in Kentucky. I’m guessin my little sweetie pie was five, and her brother was seven. I want you to pay particular attention to her curly hair. Mine was very much like that when I was her age, I’ve seen the photo and if I don’t forget, I’ll ask Mom for it when we visit in April. April is nice in Kentucky, my wife says it’s great seeing spring at a time when you expect it, instead of like here when spring shows up only when it’s damn sure winter is through! Pardon my French, but sometimes we don’t get spring weather till late June. My son, AJ, and his sister Meghan look like two valentines in the photo. And they both are the sweetest of sweethearts who’ve given me more joy than they’ll ever realize.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

11 replies on “Old is new again”

Such a sweet photo! I’m anxious to start gathering seed packets and get my hands back in the dirt … once I can see the dirt, that is.

Hi TC, thanks for that early valentine! That photo is a proud parent’s best reminder of how sweet life is. And I adore Renee’s seeds and saw her on TV showing how to keep lettuce going for salads in a container. All the seeds ever ordered from her have been first rate! I happen to agree with your wife about spring and when it is supposed to occur. Moving from OK to PA was a shock to my system that was never adjusted to. Really cold in May and even June? No no no no no ….Frances

Beautiful pix of 2 angelic looking youngsters. I know how you feel about them. They are your heart as mine is to me. Even my 2 GGS’s. A handful they are.Glad you are back into the swing of things.

I checked out her website and it looks like a place I would like to work. It sounds like they do a lot of neat stuff. Her seed packaging is great! That picture of your kids is just too cute! Is your daughters hair still that curly?

Dave: How generous of you to offer to send me some cuttings. It might be best to have rooted ones if that’s okay. I’ll email my address and perhaps I’ll look around for something nice to send you in return. ;~)

Those look like some great plant packets. The laminating is a good idea. If you would like a dappled willow cutting or two I could send them up to you. They should do fine in a Zone 5, especially in a sunny spot. I can either root them for you or send them up as cuttings.

W2W: Thanks. It seems like only yesterday that they were only toddlers! Shawna’s title does grab your attention doesn’t it? And please dear friend, give yourself more credit – I think you’re very pretty. I’m not sure about your question regarding “Renee from the Shepherds,” you’ll have to Google it I reckon. (Yes, I could tell.)Jeanette: I’ve checked out Botanical Interests seed packets and they’re really nice too. Renee’s also has info printed on the inside of a little flap on the back of the packet.Ms. Kylee: Thanks for the kind words. I have two adult children (that’s a misnomer) living in Kentucky. I miss them dearly and see them often when we visit. We’ll be heading that way again soon, in April. I also get to see my only granddaughter, she’s 5.

I got a nudge from my mom last weekend, because I hadn’t posted an entry to my blog for almost a week. Well, I worked full-time last week, which I usually don’t do, and I was too darn tired to blog by the time I got everything else done!I’m a bit obsessive about my blog posts and it takes me a LONG time to do one. I enjoy it, but not when I’m pressed for time.Renee’s does indeed have great seed packets, but as Jeanette said, you should take a look at Botanical Interests’ packets. They are wonderful!Your kids are ADORABLE! Your daughter is the picture of innocence there! And her big brother looks so protective (and ornery!).

Spring will be here before you know it. Renees packets are nice, I love botanical illustrations. You might want to check out Botanical Interests packets. I think the artwork is nicer, plus they have way more information, including information printed on the inside of the packet.

They sure are a couple of sweeties! I sense enough love here to melt any kind of cold stuff winter throws your way. I clicked on your links. Gardening Nude?! She might be able to get away with it, but some of us are not exactly prime cuts for the display case anymore. The other link is more my speed. Is Renee from the Shepherds who have been publishing seed catalogs for decades? I like your idea of laminating the seed packets. (Can you tell I’m trying to steer clear of that other subject? 😉

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