Say Nothin’ Saturday (With one exception)

Sonnet for Spring

New growth in spring brings to my heart a song,
of birds and bees, of trees and every plant.
I listen as it sings that winter’s gone.
Aromas waft like Gregorian chant.

A seedling poking through to bright sunshine
is stretching forth with two new leaves of green.
I conclude that this new life is sublime,
transcending what I know of earthly schemes.

A gentle rain is washing memories
From the backroads of my mind into view.
I see early blooming lords-and-ladies
Covered with a blanket of morning dew.
A robin chatters from the arbor gate,
Flying down to devour slender ground bait.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

12 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday (With one exception)”

I’m in awe, Nanook! Your creative spirit is thawing out and letting us see what you’re all about. I love that pic of the mushrooms and the poetic image of the early bird.

Beautiful and lovely! Bring on spring!(And, yes, that rumble you hear is my bitchin’ van cruising your block.):^) Anna

Hey TC,Just saw your comment on the latest blog entry.I have a question: did you ever get my reply to your question/comment about shutterstock? I ask because you sent it to my dotcom email addy and I have those emails forwarded to my gmail addy. When I replied I replied from my gmail account but I don’t if the reply went out or not.Not a biggie just curious more than anything and hoping I didn’t give the impression I was ignoring your email.

Ms. Tina: Thank you for the compliment on my sonnet. It was an assignment for a college poetry class, and let me tell you, I got so tired of hearin all the teen angst poetry in that class; I was the oldest, besides the professor. I don’t think we’ve grown Arum maculatum here before. Ms. Susie: Thank you ma’am. Have I told you that I really like your profile photo? It looks so summery! LK: No daffs, it’s an old photo. And I can see some grass, but out by the road it’s mostly dirty snow. “Dirty snow” sounds so terribly unclean, sacrilegious even. Ms. Lisa: Thank you very much, and as soon as all this snow and ice melts, I’ll be taking less care. ;~)Skeeter: Don’t rub it in about y’alls dang daffs and budding trees! ;~P But I’m so humbled by your compliment on my sonnet. Woo me with more praise! Ms. Marnie: I’m afraid I may have been a might misleading in posting the daffodil photo. It’s one from last April, when the final snows were melting away. Thank you very much for the compliment on my sonnet. I enjoy writing sonnets, some folks think they’re too difficult a form to fool with, not I. Ms. Sherry. Thank you for reading my poem! And if you’ve read any of the above comments you’ll see others were tricked into thinking it were spring here too. Alas, we’ve a couple more months to wait before it arrives!

Dear TC,Thanks for the poem! Inspiring….I am looking forward to Spring. Looks as if she has already sprung at your house!Sherry

Wonderful poem! Daffys are popping up all around us down here in GA, trees are budding and spring is acting like it is here!

You have daffodils blooming? Or is it an old photo? I can only see a few edges of grass so far.Enjoyed the poem!

Lovely poem TC. Perfect for the season. I really like the reference to Lords and Ladies, one of my favorite plants in the garden. I posted on it last year and recently had a commenter on the post, so others like it too (or not if spreads too much:) Can’t wait to see the daffys! They up up and budding and the tulips and crocuses too. Seems like yesterday there was nothing.

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