The cost of things

I’m considering allowing ads. Especially after hearing from a friend who pockets a hundred bucks every now and then from the ads on her site. I visit other blogs with ads, most are not the flashy animated ones like you see on popular retail Web sites so I’m not put off. A couple of y’all have ads on your blogs and if what you’re sayin is holdin my interest, the ads are invisible. Since I’m not workin full time, any and all extra income helps.

In order to save a little, we’ve cut back on a few things. I was reluctant to reduce my internet service from high speed down to 55 mph, but it’s not that much of a difference. And we canceled our home phone and are now using strictly cell phones. I’ve also canceled plans to attend the Granddaddy of all Flower Shows this year, which was a tough decision, but necessary we think.

I hope y’all don’t think I’m whining, but some of you might. I think a few of my in-laws have changed their view of me since before the election when they found out that I was voting for Obama. Some seem to believe that no one is worse off than they are, and if you think you’ve got it bad, just walk a mile or two in their shoes and you’ll see otherwise. Do you know someone who thinks your problems or worries or financial difficulties are not legitimate because they don’t match the level of struggling that they go through? I do.

I’ve not made the decision to allow ads just yet. I’ll read up on it some and make my decision soon. Just be forewarned and please don’t stop visiting, that’d really hurt my feelins.

Having said all that, I’ve also been doin some contemplating about a few other things regarding … oh … I don’t know what to call it without it sounding cliche. Everyone’s heard all the terms and most of y’all are fed up with them. So I’ll try to explain it the best I can without using those other words. Here goes:

I’m on a steering committee for a commercial kitchen incubator project development plan. And we’ve just began distributing surveys (which are a type of feasibility study) to see if local farmers or market gardeners might be interested in using such a facility. Just click Regional Food Venture at Munnell Run Farm to read more about the kitchen incubator. I’ve had interest in this project for about the past five years or so and now I’d like to try and integrate its use into other areas besides farms and food entrepreneurs. I think our local schools and their lunch programs need revamped and I know this is a concern on the national level as well.

What will it take for such a facility to become viable in an economically depressed area of rural Pennsylvania? How might the President’s stimulus package have sway with local conservative politicians who’re seeing the small farms of their constituents being auctioned off left and right?

How does talk of growing your own food measure up against talk of a trillion dollar national deficit? I might not be able to answer questions like that, but I do know this: we all have to eat!

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

21 replies on “The cost of things”

Ms. Kay! So nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I just wish I could make a living at it, no need to be greedy! ;~)

Hi TC – miss you in the Green Thumb Gang. Love reading your blog – wish you would get rich overnight so you could just write and take photos. Hey, I want to to that too!Okay1150

I think once you put in the time to making a blog you have to at least try to produce a little from it. And it is a pittance for most of us. I didn’t see anything for years, but it is a small amount now. – maybe a couple cents a day most days. I get so thrilled if I see anything on my Amazon affiliate! Then I compare it to what real people make on minimum wage and it evaporates all the thrill LOL!There used to be this big thing about bloggers “selling out”, but really all the internet is monetized in some way, and for years I let yahoo and others make money from my hard work. Ads give the little guy something. Especially if we don’t have a book, speakers fees, or anything else that blogging is often partnered with.I think the important thing is to be forthright and transparent about it, and be an honest value for the reader/user of your site. In magazines I always loved knowing where to get products, including reviews, etc. I think that is a public service… but that is just me, maybe.Anyway, I can’t click on my own ads and some of them interest me, so yes, put them on your site.

Well you weren’t joking were you. I came over to see if you had posted anything new and what a surprise. See, they look just fine. I can’t believe you got it done that fast. In order to do this don’t you have to give them an account number for your checking or something like that?

Well you weren’t joking were you. I came over to see if you had posted anything new and what a surprise. See, they look just fine. I can’t believe you got it done that fast. In order to do this don’t you have to give them an account number for your checking or something like that?

Hi TC, it is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it, I say! Anyone who comes to visit you now surely would not quit you over the ads. I too love the shed roof and am on board for the food situation to change. I have always been more of an ornamental gardener, with a few tomato, pepper and basil plants. I am working on expanding the food growing each year. It is so worth it.Frances

Ms. Sherry: Thanks a lot! I’m probably goin to implement the ads sometime within the next two days. Regardless of what Astoria says. Astoria: This is Waldorf, and I know you’ve not forgotten about our times on the balcony. You also know that I would never sell my soul to the devil (remember that time he tempted me to plagiarize on my rebuttal essay to Bertrand Russel’s “Why I Am Not A Christian?”). Rest assured that ads will not infiltrate my garden. Now go wipe the spittle from your mouth. ;~)

NO MAN. DON’T DO IT. You’re selling out to the establishment. They’ll own you and corrupt your mind with evil tedious jargon. THE’LL CONTROL YOU, MAN. It’s just not worth it. Who wants to be respectable? Is that what they’re calling it now?I’m with the guy with the moustache, Anna dude; I like your rooftop garden too. Now that’s not the least bit respectable. I love it. Would you put ads on your roof, in your garden? These ads will work their way into the fabric of your being, if they haven’t already. Mark my words. Hhhooccckkk…Ptooi on Ads!

Dear TC,I think ads are just fine!I would not quit coming to visit either. We all need to eat…I love the photograph of the roof garden. I am all for growing our own fod.Namaste,Sherry

Ms. Susie: I’m awaiting approval for the ads to begin. I’ve looked it over and they give you lots of options for keeping them unobtrusive. Plus, a couple of y’all have offered to help me get them arranged nicely on the page. What a great bunch of folks!Ms. Marnie: I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind. I know a lot of folks are still using dial-up internet and I don’t want them to get frustrated either.

Advertisements don’t generally bother me because I don’t really ‘see’ them. Sometimes they make the page slow to load, watch out for that because many people complain about slow pages. Good luck.Marnie

Love that rooftop garden TC; so nice. I think in today’s economy you should definitely go with the ads as it sounds like you have made up your mind. Heck, all of us should probably do that. I’ve considered it myself. Maybe I better reconsider again. There are a few blogs I visit that have them and I’ve never been bothered by them.

I’d like to thank everyone for their opinions about my proposal to start displaying ads here on my blog. I’ve got a good feelin that they’ll not bother most of y’all so I’ve decided to sign up to allow them to be displayed. W2W: The project hasn’t generated a lot of support over the past couple of years. I plan on continuing my involvement, and will “kick it up a notch” to quote Emiril. Anna: Thanks for the compliment on my photo. I plan on submitting the roof top gardening idea to the steering committee so that we can include construction plans for it. Troy: Thanks for stoppin by, I know how busy you farmers can be so it’s really a blessing to have you visit and say a few words. Unfortunately, that’s not my shed. I took the photo at the Macoskey Center in Slippery Rock. Thomas Reynolds oversees all the gardening and other educational programs there. Tim: If you’re the Tim I’m thinkin you are, I know you’re fairly busy too, so thanks to you also for takin the time to stop in and comment. Ms. Jennifer: I reckon you might be busier than most with two young-uns and a full time job! Thanks for comin over and informing us about the ads. I appreciate it, and I’m sure everyone else does as well. And yes, of course you can use the photograph of the rooftop garden. The plants are mostly succulents, but various leaf lettuce is sown in fall and spring.

I am the friend who gets a little extra cash from having ads on my website. When I started out it took about 3 months to get my first check of $185.00. Another 2 months have passed and I am now expected another $100+ check any day now. The ads work for me. I get anywhere from 200 – 700 hits per day on my site. Readers do click. Reasons are various. Some have ads on their site and they know clicking on my ads earns me some pocket change. Some readers click because they are truly interested in the products and services. Some click on accident. Of course there is money to be made (although a lot less) just for people visiting and not even clicking a single ad too! I put my ads as far off to the side as possible to prevent them from interferring with my main blog. I don’t want them to be too distracting you know? When I started doing them I told myself, “I’ll try it out for 3 months. If I change my mind, if I lose readers, or if they drive everyone nuts, I’ll take them down”Well as I said, within my first few months I earned almost $200, no one complained, so the ads stay. I respect that you are warning your readers ahead of time that you are considering ads. I support your decision! Extra money in this economy is WONDERFUL! I say go for it! PS (before I forget) That rooftop garden is amazing. I’d like to use that photo for my Photo of the week next week. Would that be OK with you?

Go for the ads, TC – it’s totally respectable! Who doesn’t love a passive income stream?BTW, I love the photo of the rooftop garden – that’s cool.And thanks for taking a crack at the BlogHer voting. I know it’s kind of a pain. If the links don’t appear, I think it’s because it’s requiring people to register with the BlogHer site. It’s free and all, but I’ll understand if it’s too much of a bother…Thanks for trying – I really appreciate that!Take care…:^) Anna

I like the idea of the kitchen incubator. It sounds a little like a community barn-raising venture. If the ads help you, TC, please don’t think we will abandon you. I read a mix of commercial and non-commercial blogs, and it’s always the content and the conversation that keeps me coming back.

Ms Tina: I think you misread something. I didn’t say “hundreds,” I said $100 every now and then. I didn’t ask my friend for exact details on how often. But even if it’s a hundred bucks every six months, that’s still easy money.

TC, I am so totally okay if you put ads on your blog, AND if you make lots of money-all the better:))) I may even have to do it myself on my blog, every little bit helps. But I first want to know what kind of blog gets $100s of dollars from ads!? From all the garden bloggers (thru the blogs) it seems garden blog readers don’t click on the ads, or maybe it is a different kind of ads?

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