Say Nothin’ Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

13 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Ms. Lola: Some southern locales are not conducive to good hosta growing habits. I’ve been told they need that lengthy period of cold for stimulating growth.Ms. Susie: You can almost bet that when the first saucer magnolia blooms here, it’ll be followed by a frost. Sorry to hear your’s got hit. Ms. Jennifer: It does look edible don’t it? I’ve not checked if you can or can’t. Perhaps I should. If you can, want to join me for a nice fresh garden salad? ;~)Ms. Marnie: Several years ago I had to move mine. It’d be a good time to divide also. Skeeter: I still can’t grow things with leaves as big as what you’re holding in your profile picture! Rob: Ewww! I’ve been lucky, so far I’ve not had many problems with snails. But every once in a while I see some damage. And I’m sorry you caught me at a time when I didn’t say nothin. Thanks for stoppin in! Visit again soon and you’ll see I can be quite loquacious.

Well there’s a thing. You’re a freelance writer and I arrive at your site for a ‘say nothing’ post.I love Hostas, almost as much as the local snails.Rob

I have a Frances in my garden but she isn’t really happy. The shade is too dense the the competition with the tree roots keeps her from growing. Perhaps she will make a move this spring.Marnie

I love to see those Hostas breaking the soil and showing their pretty faces. By the way, we had temps in 30’s so guess what went by, by. Yep, my saucer magnolia blooms. Oh well they were pretty while they lasted.

Fantastic TC. That looks kinda like the hostas that a friend of mine in N.C. has. I never seen them so big. Quite a lot of them also. Sure wish I’d taken a pix of them when I was there last June.Sure wish they’d grow like that down here.

Oooh, yeah. Love that hosta! I actually think that’s one that I have. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one look like that, I forget. LOL.

“Raindrops on hostas and whiskers on kittens…” My neighbor’s cat actually comes over to drink the rainwater from my hostas. I am not amused, though, because it is the same cat that saunters into the garage when the door is left open and sprays its musk all over the place.

Ms. Tina: H. ‘Frances Williams’ is one of the best. If you want a full textured hosta, this is it.Ms. Cindy: It’ll do good in your yard if you have a shady spot.

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