Say Nothin’ Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

15 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Ms. Aleia: As luck would have it … :~)Ms. Terri: If you’ve not, you must visit Chanticleer! Bring some cushions for the furniture though. ;~)W2W: Yes, those are indeed Mardi Gras beads. A mix of ones directly from Bourbon Street, and ones brought to me from friends who live in New Orleans. We’re dying to get back to Monticello. I have another favorite photo from there I’ll post soon. And I’m still pulling things from that black hole!

TC, are those Mardi Gras beads being admired by your silent red friend? I admire the flowers. They look like a peace offering for someone special. And the flowers at Monticello are nothing to sneeze at either. As for the cold stone benches, they remind me of Dorothy’s encounter with the Gnome King in Return to Oz. I’m glad you were able to recover your site from the black hole that sometimes materializes on Blogger.

Great photos! It’s snowing here, so could I just go to that little furniture grouping and sit for awhile? I don’t take up much space!

FD: Hee hee.Ms. Anna: I hope you enjoyed your walk. Ms. Daisy: Thanks. Look on the back of a nickel for a hint of where one of the photos was taken. Ms. Aleia: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I took that photo while visiting Chanticleer several years ago.

FD: If I was his lady friend, I’d be lonely. He’s not real. ;~)Skeeter: I think they’re mostly slabs of rock, I’m not sure. I bet I could find out. Ms. Susie: The driver of that vehicle would be yours truly. ;~)Ms. Tina: They need cushions I think!Dave: I think I’ll wait a while before I say where that “furniture” is located. Let’s see if someone can guess.

I love the couch! I would hate to have to move that thing into my living room. Could you imagine putting it upstairs? Whew, my back hurts just thinking about it 😉 Where is that anyway? Very creative idea.

I love the first picture. I’d say whoever drives that car has discovered the secrets of enjoying life. It’s really the simple things that matter most.

Love the seats of cement! I assume cement…?… Riding around in that festive auto looks like fun…Have a good weekend!

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