Woe is me (and you?)

Michele Owen over at Garden Rant wrote a very nice little piece about why she Belongs To the Wrong Generation and it got me to thinkin. I’m four years older than Michele and we’re both in the Baby Boomer generation of gardeners. And like Michele, I too think I was born at the wrong time. If I were my son or daughter’s age, and had two garden loving parents like they have, I would know exactly what my career field would be. Of course this is taking into consideration that a young 15-year old Terry had a love for gardening like he does now. Given the chance, I think Terry would have graduated from some top notch horticultural/agricultural/floracultural educational institution, and would probably own a garden center or nursery or garden book publishing company.

But, with woe, I unhappily accept the fact that I’m where I’m at right now for reasons not quite visible. Now don’t go thinking I’m layin around all day complainin and whinin about why bad things happen to good people; I have enough sense to know that I’m not the only one struggling and that there are millions more in worse shape than I.

Spring is a cliche for all things new. There’s just no other way to say it. So, having not said it, I’ll ready the garden beds again like I’ve been doing for the past 25 years and wait.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

10 replies on “Woe is me (and you?)”

I love the way you write. Light but full of meaning. I'm from Asia and I enjoy your reading your blog. I really like the mountain memories pictures.Keep on putting great photos. I enjoy them. They make me feel the environment. zhu zhu pets

Skeeter: And what was the name of that lake Andy an Opie fished? Ms. Helen: Thanks for stoppin in. First time visitors usually get a prize, but my economic stimulus package ain’t got here yet so a BIG WELCOME!! will have to do. I’m glad you started Gardening With Confidence, it rubs off ya know. ;~)

I can relate. I was gardening in grade school, all through high school and even had a little mow, blow, and go business as my second job while in college. And it NEVER occurred to me that I could make a career out of it! I went to graduate school in London so I could visit great gardens on weekends and breaks – Ha! If I knew then what I know now…well I guess I will never know. But at least I wised up in 2001 when I started Gardening With Confidence. Sign.

Shucks, enough talk about ice cream, I am on a new way of eating which does not allow ice cream in the house. lol… I think I was born in the wrong time also. I dont like all the new change well except for computers, air conditioning, microwaves, hum, maybe I dont want to go back to that era I was thinking of. Maybe I just need to find Mayberry and move there with all my fun toys in tow….

Ms. Jennifer: You’ll just have to use your Superwoman powers to get that weeding done. And we’re still yanking mint that escaped from pots we had it planted in. Yes, I said pots it was planted in. Roots found a way out and once that happened, there was no stopping its intrusive behavior! Dave: It’s always impossible to go back! When will technology ever invent a real time machine?! :~PMs. Francis: I’m not a regular reader of Ms. Michele’s posts, I was glad I came across this one linked on Twitter. And you have every right to be proud. (Thanks for making me want a bowl of homemade ice cream with none in sight!)Ms. Terri: I bet I’d tell myself a thing or two! (You know what might be fun? To have folks start using their verification word in a sentence. It could mean whatever they wanted it to mean, as long as the rest of the sentence fit with the meaning they chose. What do you think?)

Don’t you wish the you of today could go back and tell the fifteen-year-old you a thing or two? 🙂 Ah, well, things happen for a reason, I think.The verification word is “nughting,” as in, “There’s nughting I like better than spending time in the garden!”

Good one, TC. I might have missed that post, and always enjoy Michele’s writing. I was in the thick of boomerdom, college age at the time of woodstock. Friends went to Arkansas to start a farming commune. The bugs ate their crops and they all came home sunburned, broke and disillusioned. I got a real job for an oil company, well I was in Oklahoma!, but never lost the faith of nature rules! Teaching that faith to the offspring was important, and now the youngest and his wife are making home made ice cream in Asheville, NC. Vegan products included along with the straight up old fashioned kind. Proud, me? :-)Frances

Sometimes what we really don’t find our passion until we’ve tried many other things. If I could go back and change my college education I probably would, but then so many other things would have had to change as well. Best to live in the moment and the future and not in the past I think. If only I could do as I say!

I’m so excited to start gardening again. The only part I dread is the weeding. I think my garden contains super weeds. No matter how many I pull (and yes I go down to the root!) for every 1 that comes out 5 more appear. Oh and don’t even get me started on my mint problem. Previous home owners planted it IN THE GARDEN. Now I love mint, but I know it should be contained in a pot because that stuff multiplies faster than bunnies. Bright side? I spend 1/2 the summer smelling like a giant stick of minty gum from yanking it all out.

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