“Going Green,” “Energy Revolution,” “Off the Grid,” “Community Supported [insert your favorite acitivity or cause],” “Top Ten Ways You Can Go Green,” “Give Beets a Chance” (in response to President Obama’s dislike of this root vegetable), “Start Your Very Own Victory Garden,” and increasing interest in; organic gardening, fresh and local produce, chickens in the front yard, solar arrays on roofs for photovoltaic energy for homes, rooftop gardening, the list goes on and on, this new awareness of all things green and foody is definitely ubiquitous.

But is it for real? Are some just in it for the notoriety and public awareness it might bring to their business? Are you going green just to collect some green? I think I need a specialist in greenspeak just to help me interpret all the neologisms.

My good friends over at The Organic Gardeners might be having a little fun with their new campaign, but what about all those other claims? I’ve found that most of those tips you hear about going green are just plain common sense. It seems to me there’s an air of oversimplification being associated with a very difficult and real environmental emergency. I’ll let you decide what to believe, but don’t take it lightly folks, we’ve not been very good stewards of the land, and you don’t have to know anything about “going green” to realize that fact, just take a look around.

One last request: Dear God,

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

10 replies on “Ubiquitous”

Yeah, I like beets in salad and even beet soup. The first time W2W’s mom said she was fixing borscht, I thought no way am I staying for dinner. But I did, and I liked it and am still enjoying it about once a month!

Ms. Susie: It wasn’t fun at all. But at least there wasn’t much accumulation and it didn’t stick around long. However, snow is till possible through this month.Ms. Terri: Thanks for the warm thoughts, they’re so appreciated. And I don’t like the thought of “aphantom” planet. :~ODave: Good point. We can all hope that most folks (and I’m pretty sure everyone who comments on my blog are good stewards) want what’s good for a green Earth!SAM: Good to see you here, and thanks for the comment. It’s all the media hype that has me concerned. We’re inundated with it. (I take it you’re a beet fan?)Ms. Marnie: I agree that there is true interest and concern. I was directing my accusation of oversimplification to businesses who might be using this green revolution for the single purpose of increasing sales. Ms. Frances: I sure hope this isn’t just a passing fad. And I think you’re spot on concerning the search for renewable energy. Hello Ms. Dawn, and thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving a comment. It has snowed in April in the past, hopefully not this April! W2W: “Reason, question, be critical,” three of my most important tenets for writing about topics of importance. And I’m constantly testing my two teens critical thinking skills, hopeful that I can give them what they’re not getting in school (education, that’s another topic of importance I should discuss).

You’re stepping out on thin ice here, TC. Be careful, pamphleteer! Some people take the notion of “green” to extremes (as well as to the bank) and might look askance at anyone who doesn’t toe the party line. I applaud your brave attempt to ask sober questions. We all need to step out of the herd or get off the merry-go-round now and then and think things through. It’s a simple but honest obligation to the rest of humanity, let alone the planet. Preserving nature is important, yes. But so is the ability to reason, to question, to be critical of policy and policy-makers. People have forgotten the original meaning or significance of critical thinking. Scary thing is, abdicating that responsibility leaves a vacuum that some people with questionable designs are only too willing to build in. You have given us much to think about, pamphleteer. And the beet goes on!

Hi TC, there is danger in being green becoming just another fad that will pass when interest wanes and the next shiny thing comes along. I agree about us not taking very good care of the earth. New construction should and seems to be considering the long term effects of the materials used. In my opinion, it is the source of renewable energy that everyone should be working on. The other things will fall into place after that problem is solved.Frances

I think there is a real interest and a real concern. I remember when the compact fluorescent lights came out at very high prices. Now they are cheaper and many more people can afford them. It will be the same with other green technology. As green becomes affordable, perhaps cheaper especially in energy, more people will want it. We can all only do as much as we can afford. As far as oversimplification, what can we expect from the average consumer. He can’t build a windmill in his yard or convert his car to run on banana skins:) We need corporations to future-think and we need our government to promote green.Marnie

Very thought provoking, TC. I would love to openly embrace all the “greener” side of life has to offer. However, when I see huge promotions of certain green alternatives on the network news, I worry that while in the embrace, all my green will be lifted from my back pocket. By the way, I vote for beets!

It was chilly here this morning and yesterday but not like that! Green does seem to be becoming a commercial fad, but sometimes that isn’t bad. Commercial fads tend to follow what the people want and if people want a green earth then it just goes back to what you said “common sense.” 🙂

Sending warm thoughts your way. I agree that we’ve been poor stewards, and that has to stop.If we don’t, we might find ourselves with “aphantom” planet.

Sorry you got blanketed again. That doesn’t look like much fun!You are right TC we haven’t been good stewards of the land. I hope people are being sincere when talking about going “green”.

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