The four of us will be taking a short vacation to Kentucky over the Easter weekend.

I’m not sure if I’ll be posting again before we leave. If I don’t, I’ll probably give a short update sometime after we arrive at our final destination in The Bluegrass State.

April’s weather is not to my liking most of the time. So, I think it’s appropriate to try and run away from it. We’ve ran from April before with hopes of finding true spring south of here. It’s always there much sooner than it is here. Even after 21 years, I’ve still not adjusted to zone 5 gardening. I never will.

I always look forward to these treks south – not only do I get to reconnect with my family, I also get to re-energize and strengthen my south-central Kentucky accent.

On April 6, 1991 I married the lady who: has helped me endure 18 zone 5 winters, given me two beautiful children, cooks and cleans after working 8 hours a day, buys the food, does the finances and laundry, takes the kids shopping for new clothes, tells me when I need new jeans, goes to bluegrass concerts with me, ignores me when I’m being unruly and ambivalent, weeds, tends, and plants the herb garden, puts up with my master gardening attitude, and lastly, is the only woman I would die for.

Happy Easter!

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

17 replies on “Hiatus”

What a sweet post! Happy anniversary to you two sweet Peeps.Have a fun and safe trip, too…:^) Anna

TC–You get tons of good husband points for this post! What you said about your wife was so sweet!

Dave: Thank you sir. We’d love to drop in! Alas, it’s a short vacation so I’ll have to take a rain check. Ms. Tina: I’d love to drop in on y’all too! If we had more than just a weekend, it would happen without a doubt!Ms. Susie: Thanks very much. ;~)FD: I think she’s a saint! And thanks for the well wishes!Ms. Zoey: I did find the perfect wife. Now if I could just find the perfect gardening zone! ;~)WS: I hear it’s rather chilly in south-central KY too. But much warmer than it is here!Ms. Jennifer: Thanks! I try. ;~PMs. Darla: Don’t worry about that, I have been. (Except for the perimenopausal hot flash episodes, I can’t touch her then!)Ms. Frances. Thanks and you have a great visit with your family too! I didn’t know you lived in PA, or used to. It’s a small garden. ;~)Ms.Flowrgirl1: I might have to put in an order. You gave them a pretty good review. If their product doesn’t measure up, I’m comin after you. ;~PMs. Terri: It’s supposed to be a lot warmer over the weekend, at least it will be in south-central Kentucky. And guess what?? I lost my “fibooka” this past winter. Can you knit me a new one please? Ms. Daisy: Thanks for the congrats. I hope to make it through another 18!W2W: Thanks for the advice. It will be adhered to!

Some-bunny must really love you to put up with that master-composting attitude. And which chores are yours? Congratulations to both of you! Have a wonderful trip and visit with relatives. Try to listen as well as speak. (^__^)

Happy Anniversary. I’m afraid the cold weather is following you, though – it’s snowing here in East Tennessee today.But, the weather in the spring changes by the minute, so maybe you’ll get some warm sunshine during your stay. Have a great trip! Bring a ‘fibooka” with you to help you stay warm!

Hello, I think that you will like their soaps. The one I have has a great lather and the scent is light but it does hang around. They use all natural herbs in them. I think that the herbs will create a nice scent that will stay put a bit longer.thanks for the comment! Have fun on your vacation!

Oh my, TC, you are a true romantic! Many happy returns on your anniversary. You are both very lucky to have found one another. Have fun in KY, it is looking good here for Eater too, highs in the 70’s and my family is coming here. Hooray for the south. I never got used to those PA winters either, after 11 years of it.Frances

I know exactly what you mean about spring in zone 5. I hope you find the real thing on your journey.Happy 18th anniversary. It sounds like you found the perfect wife!

Good lord, that woman’s either a saint or crazy, and I know you know how lucky you are! Have a great time with your family in KY.

I hope you guys have a wonderful time on your trip. That’s a sweet tribute to your wife TC. Congrats on your anniversary!

Have a very safe trip TC. And what a lovely tribute to your wife. If you get down this way-do call and/or email!!! I am just south of Hopkinsville. I can meet you somewhere or whatever. Take care.

Congrats on your anniversary! If you make down a little farther south let me know. Have a great Easter weekend!

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