Long traffic jams, I’m talkin seven miles, are not conducive to enjoyable drives.

I-71, lookin north

I-71 lookin south

By the time we got to the point of cause, traffic was speeding up and I wasn’t able to take a photo of the obstruction. I think if I had slowed down to take a photo, I might have been attacked. I’m not sure what the object was but it was situated on two long trailers that spanned the width of almost both lanes. Half of the trailers were on the shoulder and the other halves were in the right hand lane, blocking that lane of traffic. It was a short 50 yards or so that caused a 7 mile jam of traffic! (Click on each picture for a larger, more defined view.)

I have a 512 MB flash card full of pictures that I’ve yet to download.

(I used my cell phone to take the above photos, it’s my excuse for the lack of quality. We were on the return trip back to PA from KY.)

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

13 replies on “Short”

Ms. Darla: I was the only one awake in my car. Ms. Tina: I sure wanted to take a picture of that thingamajig! Ms. Marnie: It was the worst one I’ve been in yet.W2W: We had just stopped, but by the time we got through the traffic jam, everyone had to go again. Ms. Terri: As I told W2W, we had just stopped so my “tulerapp” wasn’t snarled. ;~PLK: I feel sorry for those who must suffer through traffic like that on a regular basis. Ms. Susie: What did you do for fun?? :~P (I still wish I could turn my brown eyes blue.)Ms. Zoey: I’m always mixed about how I feel after returning to PA, that’s because half of my heart will always reside in Kentucky. Ms. Frances: I’m like you, “now that I am of a certain age.” I took it all in stride, what would I have accomplished by getting upset over something I had no control over? And our trip was lovely. All: I’ve still not had an opportunity to go over all the KY photos. I’ll choose a few for “Say Nothin’ Saturday” and will try to post more in the coming weeks.

Ooh, I hate that. Sitting still on the interstate makes me nuts. My husband and I used to get into an argument when this would happen as my fuse would be shorter than its normal short. Now that I am of a certain age, I can take it more in stride, but it still makes be feel like a caged animal. Hope your KY trip was great. :-)Frances

Sights like this make me very happy to live in a small town 75 miles from an interstate highway!I bet you are happy to be home.

Reminds me of living in Atlanta and the traffic I encountered everyday on my drive home. Yeah, it was loads of fun.

Oh, I don’t miss that kind of traffic! That’s everyday rush hour beginning in D.C. and running about 30 miles in any direction from about 4pm to 7pm or so and it starts at 1pm on Fridays. I am SO glad not to always have to schedule around that anymore!Sorry you hit such a mess. It makes a trip so much more stressful than it should be.

Oh, man – I hate traffic snarls! I believe I might get my “tulerapp” in a snarl if I had to sit in traffic like that!

Hope you took a bathroom break before the standstill. Looking forward to seeing pics of your old KY home.

That sounds miserable. We get them here, sometimes it’s a standstill for hours. And nowhere to go.Marnie

Man! Be glad you weren’t sitting there with my husband in that traffic!! He talks ugly when that happens.

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