Writer’s Block

I’ve never been afflicted with the condition myself. Thank the good Lord! It seems I’m getting more opportunities to write now than in times past, and “That’s a good thing” (one of my favorite Martha Stewart quotes). I think compensation for my words blocks writer’s block. I used to hear “we can’t offer pay right now, but it’s a good way to get your name out there” a lot! Please know this: I don’t want my name out there if it’s not helping pay a few bills around the old homestead. And lately I’ve had truck maintenance that’s racked up a rather hefty debt. So if any of the folks I’ve sent resumes to are reading this, if you want me to write something for you for free, well, I just can’t afford to.

Now that you know I’ll be busy “working” for the next several days, you’ll understand why I can’t write about our trip to Kentucky right now. But isn’t it very considerate of me to provide you with an explanation, and a few more pictures from my hometown down along the banks of the Green River? I guess I should also tell you that my wife planted peas, onions, lettuce, radishes, spinach, parsly, cilantro (tastes like soap!), larkspur, and dill this past weekend. What was I doing while she was laboring in the garden? Pickin and grinnin with The Doghouse Three at practice. (We’re on the stage again this Saturday night.)

Here’s those pictures:

Japanese quince must be great for underpasses. This was along I-65 South in Kentucky and we passed numerous large clumps like this one on both sides of underpasses. Why do you suppose it’s utilized in this way?

No trip to Kentucky would be complete without a stop at one of my favorite greasy spoons! What’s great about it (if you can call eating “belly bombers” great) is that my Yankee family loves them too!

Too loud??

Do any of y’all recognize this yard game? We had a blast playing it the day before we left Kentucky.

Peace babies!

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

10 replies on “Writer’s Block”

Dave: To each his own. Cilantro will remain on my list of worst tasting herbs. And my policy on burgers of any kind is “everything in moderation.” Since there’s neither a White Castle or Krystal anywhere close, I can’t whet my appetite with those “delicacies.” However, I will engage a double Whopper on occasion. ;~P

Ms. Marnie: I do know quince is a tough as nails plant so I’m guessing that’s why they use it like that. W2W: (Why do I always have trouble finding the “w” key when it’s the first letter of a sentence??) The game is known as “corn hole.” You toss a small sack of corn seeds and try to get it in the hole. Three points if it goes in, one if it stays put on the board. Similar to horse shoes. I’ve not heard of “washers.” I was in a writers group once – a college creative writing class. I was the oldest and the younger professor asked me on more than one ocassion to “return his class.” I’ve not given serious consideration to joining an adult writers group, but find the thought intriguing. I wonder if there are any around here? (That’s my niece holding her ears.)Ms. Susie: My buds of taste detest the taste of cilantro. ;~PI’ve not had a Krystal burger so I can’t compare them to “beef cookies.” Ms. Kylee: My quince isn’t blooming yet either, but it will be very soon! And yes, the yard game pictured is corn hole. We had a lot of fun playing it and I’m hoping to find out where I can buy it here. And have you tried submitting any of your writings? Steve: Thanks for stopping by! New visitors are treated like kings/queens here. See the red carpet? Oh my! Someone stole it! Sorry. And yes, there’s no comparing White Castles to any other burger! I could go for a couple of double cheeseburgers right now! You can be sure I’ll stop by your blog and say a word or three. Ms. Terri: Just believe me when I say cilantro IS NOT on my list of edible herbs! And we have a good time when playing. I wish all of y’all could see us live!

I disagree cilantro doesn’t taste like soap! I won’t go near those White Castle and Krystal places. The after effects just aren’t worth it!

Okay, cilantro is a gift straight fromn the gods to prove that they love us. I don’t know where you’re getting soapy from! Hope you had a “blast” with your band – no, I didn’t make that one up! 🙂

White Castles!!! LOL, living in Portland, Oregon, away from my Owensboro, Kentucky roots has meant a dearth of “sliders” – or, as they refer to it in Louisville – “beef cookies”! Oh, we have a few greasy spoons, but the WC is in a class by itself, absolutely everyone agrees. I mean, I am on solid ground here, aren’t I?Love your blog. I do some writing myself and am semi-launched on the path of doing it for a living now, along with my gardening and landscaping. Drop by my spot sometime.

We saw a lot of quince along the roads during the trip to Cincy over the weekend, too. Mine isn’t in bloom just yet up here.I know that game! Corn hole! It’s played here, too.About writing for free…oh how I would love to have just one paid stint at it. *sigh*

2 things-First of all, cilantro tastes great, not soapy at all, and secondly do white castle burgers taste like Krystal burgers?

Is that game a softer, gentler version of washers? SAM’s a champ at that one. I’m glad you posted something. Keep plugging, friend, and don’t give up. You’re not alone. I am also trying to market myself as a writer (remember “bread on the waters” in my poem on your site?). Blogging has really helped me gather and clarify thoughts, and the feedback (positive as well as constructively negative) from fellow bloggers has been wonderful. I’m getting some helpful advice and encouragement from a local writers’ group that I’ve joined. Support helps you get through the tough times. I wish I could help pay the truck repair bill. That picture of your daughter, by the way, is priceless!

I don’t know why they planted flowering quince in the grassy median strip. Maybe they wanted something that would catch all the trash people throw out and display it prominently. Haven’t had a White Castle in years;)Marnie

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