Say Nothin’ Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Ms. Terri: Just keep submitting, with no comment, until you get a verification word that you like. I know it’s cheating but who’ll know? Ms. Sherry: We could still get a frost too. Average last date here is around Memorial Day. We don’t plant warm season things till then. Flowrgirl1: I love watermelon too! And eat it with salt. Ms. Tina: I’d like to have a wall like that about a hunnerd foot long!Ms. Susie: I thought it was very creative also. They just did it this year. There’s a creek close by that is prone to overflowing its bank on a regular basis. And geesh! 90 degrees already?? I’m sweating just thinkin about it!FD: It’s a …. perhaps I’ll wait a bit and see if someone can guess what it is. ;~P

That’s a nice way to dress up a retaining wall. Hope you have a great Saturday TC. It’s suppose to be about 90 here today. Goodbye spring hello summer.

Nice, no words needed! Cool and rainy here.Looking forward to warmer temps and planting tomatoes. Danger of frost is over but when highs are only in the 50’s the soil is too cold!Sherry

Rainy saturday here, and I was hoping to go to the Farmer’s Market. We need the rain, though, so I won’t complain.”Ercibefl” – I’ve got nothing for this one! 🙂

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