The blues (in the sky)

How do you juggle writing jobs and gardening? Especially now that the growing season is upon us? It’s been over a week since I’ve posted a new entry. But I was asking myself why worry about blogging when it doesn’t generate income? “But you have ads here,” you might ask. Yes, and so far someone has pocketed about $20. At that rate of return, I don’t know when I’ll ever collect a dime, it has to reach $100 before anything happens. Do I blame myself for not providing interesting content often enough, or you for not visiting and clicking on those ads regardless of content?

Right/Write now, I’m working on four articles (five if you count this one): my regular weekly gardening column; an article about a unique new material recovered from acid mine drainage that is used in pottery glazes (for the montly “Going Green” page in the same paper my gardening column runs in); a second article for “Life & Times, a Magazine with Senior Flair” (published by The Herald, the sister paper of Allied News, both papers carry my column); and a story about a local Boy Scout troop receiving a $5,000 donation from one of our State Representatives.

And there’s blue skys and warmth calling me out to the garden! So, how do you juggle your careers and find time to answer the call of your gardens?

My camera also begs of my time.



By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “The blues (in the sky)”

Ms. Claudia: It seems I missed replying to your comment. Sorry about that. I try to respond with a little something to each comment. I figure if folks take the time to say a few words while they’re here, the least I can do is reply to them with a few of my own. I’m behind in my garden too, it’s always like that. If I ever did get caught up, I don’t know what would happen! Ms. Helen: Thanks for the encouraging words. I keep tellin myself I’m a writer, and that I’ll get a book deal one of these days and be the next Michale Pollan! I’m thinkin about removing the ads, but an early survey told me that folks comin here weren’t bothered by them. I’ll wait a while longer, I hope they don’t bother you too much while you’re here. And speaking of pitching stories, what tips do you have for doing that? Ms. Sherry: You’re welcome. And your minimalist style of posting is very appealing to me. If you take long walks after sunset, doesn’t it get dark and aren’t you afraid? :~)

It is hard but I need my bird and bug time to stay sane!Every so often a walk about the yard with the camera feels so good. I have been taking my long walks after sunset! Writing and gardening and being healthy is what I am all about too. Most of my posts are on my main blog Q’s Corner.Thanks for posting…Sherry

Hey TC,Yes, ’tis the season. But you are a writer so a writer must write. As with everyone else in the gardening business, we are in our season. Things will slow again this summer, as they always do.Writing from me is a priority. The blog allows me to begin a writing project and develop it later (or not) since most people seem to be looking for photos and a quick read.I don’t care for the ads and pennies a click. I have yet to click on anyone’s ad and find them to be a nuisance navigating text. At least some have wised up and are loosing the winking ads. It I opened a blog and an ad winks at me, I moved on immediately.Today, work on my Metro Story, prune Forsythia, pitch two more nature stories, draft blog for Wednesday. It’s the starting and stopping that gets me down. When I write, I want (and need) a block uninterrupted time that seems to get shorter and shorter everyday.

Ms. Marnie: We “manage to get by” too, barely. ;~)Ms. Cindy: It’s good to see you’re still alive! And enjoy that little bundle of joy while she’s still enjoyable! Ms. Tina: You’re exactly right. I don’t blog to generate income. And another thing you’re spot on about: “Gardening season is swamping us all!” Ms. Susie: I’m finding it hard too. Once the garden is all planted and we’re just waiting around while things grow, I’ll have a little more time to keep my blog updated.

Right now I’m finding it very hard to juggle everything. Unfortunately my blogging is suffering. Maybe when it gets really hot outside I’ll get back to doing it more often.

Heya TC! 🙂 I struggle with the exact same thing. I think the hardest thing about writing is that you must be at the computer to do it. I can’t multi-task a story or an article. So I always feel behind in my garden. For example, I just started some seedlings. I’m glad you have paying jobs – it sounds like you like them. But yes, it’s a hard season.Cheers!

It’s pretty rough juggling it all for sure. Especially with Rog home and trying to get rid of the other house. Sigh. I think blogging should take a backseat without money if that is why you are doing it. I don’t think it is though. It would seem the great secret behind the ads and the money they generate on blogs is to get a lot of friends to click on the ads-consistently. I an pretty sure that is the intent of the ad company though. Normally it would not seem like many would click ads on blogs-unless they are friends and stuff. That is even what your friend said about her big paychecks. This is one reason I don’t wish to mess with them. Just blog to share. You are busy! And I think gardening season is swamping us all TC! Have a great weekend.

Hi TC- I don’t have much time for blogging right now but wanted to take a moment to say “Hi”. I’m waiting for Lillian to take her nap so I can sneak outside and get some gardening done. Unfortunately her skills for gardening and yardwork is not equal to her enthusiasm and not much can be accomplished when she is helping 🙂 Take care and enjoy the beautiful day!

When you work a full time job, it is difficult to find time to garden, let alone time to blog. I cut corners and eat deli on week nights (saves cooking and clean up time). Can’t ever devote enough time to the garden or the house but manage to get by.Marnie

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