Say Nothin’ Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

15 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Ms. Wildhair: Thanks for stoppin by. I'm glad I played a small part in bringing back a fond memory for you.

Rugosas! I never knew what the beautiful roses were called that adorned my childhood home. My mother transplanted them from a snipping she took from her fathers home. Whenever I see them I am taken back to fond childhood memories. They smelled so wonderful. I used to pluck them between my middle and ring finger. Then, I'd float them in a wide mouth vessel filled with water.Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course I knew the fly was there. Otherwise the pic would have been of just another pretty flower and not something special. I just didn't know it was something that favored carrion…which is even better. Hehe. I'm glad you had a productive writing session Sunday. I hope it's something that nets you fame and fortune.

Don't worry. I don't remember where I got mine either. It was a flower show somewhere – that much I remember.

FD: Nice job covering the bases. What happens if someone bunts? ;~PMs. Terri: That really is something great to say! I think "Odoti" will now be the name of the turtle in my photo! And thanks for saving the little gal/guy.Ms. Susi: I can't remember the last time someone asked to see mine. I don't think I've ever been asked!Ms. Kylee: Do you really? I don't remember where mine came from. Memory loss is a common sign of the aging process. Ms. Tina: Indeed they do. I hardly see them anymore. I have a small pond here and don't believe I've ever seen a turtle along the banks. I know the water quality is okay because there's bull frogs and other toads living there. I often wonder where the turtles are.Ms. Cortney: Thanks for stopping by dear Plurker friend! I appreciate the comment. Ms Shailee! Thanks so much for dropping in. It's a pleasure havin my Plurk buddies visit. Won't you come by again soon please? And Ms. Claudia! Nice to see you visit from Plurk land also! I like playin your little "Unconscious Mutterings" word game. Terri and I play one on each other's blog by using the "Word Verification" word in our replies. It's fun inventing new words. Us writers do it all the time. ;~PW2W: I'm sure it's not a snapping turtle, I've seen them up close and they look a lot meaner. And you're welcome for the id of that fly. I thought that you might have taken the photo knowing it was there. Did you? And my Sunday was spent writing. Which was kinda spectacular. ;~PMs. Marnie: We love our rugosas. It's not often we get to enjoy them long, before the Japanese beetles begin honing in on them.

Great photos, especially like the rugosas. Don't see many tortoise up here but used to move them out of the road when I lived in Alabama.Marnie

Is it a snapping turtle? It looks kinda mean, like a bulked-up bouncer at a bar. Thanks for IDing the blow fly for me. I'm glad someone notices these things and isn't afraid to say something. Except on Say Nothin' Saturday, of course. Hope your Sunday is spectacular!

Hey, I am saying something on Saturday! ๐Ÿ™‚ I rescued a turtle from the middle of the road today – cars were whizzing by and he was just walking along. I redirected him. He looked rather like your little guy in the post. Perhaps we should call him "Odoti." A fine name for a turtle, don't you think?

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