Lost but not found

I have to relate a turtle story; Long ago, on a trip to the country to see our “Little Granny,” Dad stopped the car so we kids could pick up a stranded roadside turtle. We kept it as a pet for a while before it was lost. One day while we were at school, our little sister took the turtle outside to play, she was only four or five and not in school yet. When we came home anxious to see our turtle friend, we discovered it had somehow crawled away from sis, finding its freedom somewhere in the concrete jungle of a city neighborhood. Teasingly, we still sometimes refer to our little sister as “Lose the Turtle Girl.” Bless her heart.

“Lose the Turtle Girl” with one of her big brothers. (Love ya sis!)

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

7 replies on “Lost but not found”

Thanks for that good laugh, dear brother-mine! I sure needed it. I'm sure Mr. Turtle found himself a good place to park his "mobile home", … Remember that nice patch of woods near the house? Missing ya so much…From "Lose The Turtle Girl"

Clearly, the turtle was ungrateful for all the care and kindness and waited to make a break for it! :)That turtle shell looks awfully "drottled" to me!

I'm sure you're just as proud of sis as she is of you. You know, I like the idea of carrying my home with me so I can hide out, but then I'd have to adopt a mean look like the guy in your pic. I'm scary enough as it is!

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