"A fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art." (Or gardening.)

Ain’t it funny how sometimes what you’re thinkin of doin was just recently done by somebody else at about the same time you were goin to do it? I’ve been meaning to post about whimsy in the garden for some time because it’s so much of my identity as a gardener. I would probably feel lost and out of place in a formal garden. Although I admire their form and function, such gardens bring to mind a monarchy, and I don’t garden by such an authority.

I was ridiculed once many years ago for putting a brug in a tire planter. It didn’t seem to mind its whimsical home and bloomed beautifully. The one in the above photo is a pass-along plant from Tennessee Gardening Coach and fellow garden blogger Tina Ramsey. Its home is a little more classy, but still whimsical.

Pictured above, whimsy is easily seen in a fake poinsettia. Some readers might recognize it as the plant I wrote about some time ago. (A certain master gardener bought it and mistook it as genuine.) It’s hanging on a fun rustic trellis I made out of weed trees. Click on the picture and you’ll notice a fake vine too.

Whimsy on steroids at last year’s Philly Flower Show.

This last photo was taken a few days ago. I think someone, or some thing, was tryin to make off with my whimsical flower pot podium.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

8 replies on “"A fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art." (Or gardening.)”

Oh how funny! Before clicking I thought the Heisman trophy was sneaking around your whimsical garden. Love the painted shovel faces too. Bigfoot is quite the trophy. Tina's brug looks very happy. :-)Frances

Kind of short for Sasquatch isn't he? Of course it's his feet that matter I suppose. Your garden looks great!

Sasquatch in your garden. How cool is that? I agree, formal gardens are beautiful, but they just aren't 'me'. Love a garden with a sense of humor…and a monster. Marnie

Good morning! That brug is looking good! I hope you have many blooms. And I actually think a brug in a tire planter would be fun-the brug would not mind at all. Whimsy is the garden is most fun and that's what it is all about. Thanks for the links. And you know, gardening and blogging seem to bring out the same subjects at about the same time-whimsy it is this month! Have a great day. I'm off to Summer Celebration. Very excited too!

Well, Bigfoot is a closet gardener! Who knew? You'd better watch out for those mythical creatures. Next you'll have a giffin in your garden, or a unicorn, or maybe a "blyzath" – all trying to steal your flowerpots!

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