Sun + Flower = Sunflower (Or Pretty Things)

Yeah, it’s been a while. But it’s not that I was bein lazy; I told a good friend it had something to do with not feelin very “bloggy” lately. I suppose some of y’all know that feelin as well. Have you ever experienced a summer season that didn’t quite feel like summertime? I don’t know what happened to our summertime weather. I’m not sure if we’ve even had a 90 degree day yet. And it’s August already!

I like pretty things. Pretty things besides flowers. I think women have a much wider selection of prettier things to adorn themselves with. If folks wouldn’t stare and think I’m weird, I’d paint my nails, including those on my toes. The bracelet I’m wearing was made by a crafty acquaintance I met on the Web, Ms. Jean May, owner and proprietor of Jean May Originals, she knows how to make pretty things for men.

This is a pretty bug. Can you identify it?

Tiger Eyes® Cutleaf Staghorn (Rhus typhina ‘Bailtiger’) is pretty.

Cosmic beauty?

Evening music can sound pretty, and look pretty too.

There are a couple of pretty things in this picture.
Can you see them?

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

16 replies on “Sun + Flower = Sunflower (Or Pretty Things)”

Don't think there is anything wrong with pretty things for me, honest. Shame the rest of Western Society sees it different. Look at the Masai and other E. African tribes… the men there very much adorn themselves so what's wrong with it? Veshengro

Its pic is in my handy-dandy Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders, purchased many moons ago. It's easy to be overlooked on the DG site–hundreds if not thousands of people posting daily. Guess you had to get in on the ground floor on that site to be noticed or post under an unusual topic.

Ms. Tina, the only drawback to them is how ugly they get just before winter, when they're about to drop their leaves. I'll post a picture of them then, you'll see.W2W: Thanks for the ID, I posted the picture on Dave's Garden several days ago and no one responded. The bug is not listed in Whitney Cranshaw's Garden Insects of North America. How did you find out about it? (I'm pretty the beads on my bracelet are glass.)Flowrgirl1: How'd that happen?? Sorry one of them met its demise at your hands. ;~PMs. Terri: What color do you think would look on me? ;~PTroutbirder: Thanks! Every now and then, I'll catch one just right.Dave: We have wild sumac "trees" all over the place here. It's a wonder they've not been established as an invasive. Ms. Claudia: Thanks for the compliment on the sunflower shot. George Ball said they should be our National Floral Emblem instead of the rose. Ms. Susie: We're still waiting for ripe tomatoes! And it's almost mid August! I'll ask you what I asked Ms. Terri above; what color would go with my personality? Or do I choose a color based on what I'm wearing? Ms. Marnie: Luckily, I don't feel "burned out" on blogging, it has more to do with time constraints. So far August has brought us one 90 degree day. Eowyn: Thanks for visiting. You're welcome back any time. WoodsWalker: Very funny! ;~PMs. Frances: Your color suggestions are great. I love purple. And couldn't I show my black toenails at Halloween?? Please??

Lots of pretty things in that photo, TC, way more than two. 🙂 Love the bracelet too. Maybe paint those toes in the wintertime where no one will know except loved ones who don't care? Purple is a good winter color I think. Black for Hallowe'en of course. Love the sumac.Frances

Luisa sent me here. That bug is beautiful! My summer has been crazy and full of all sorts of extreme weather! Love the sunflower picture.

A lot of people seem to be burning out on blogging. I like your bracelet, nice. This summer we have had some unusual weather but lately it's settled into a familiar pattern of hot and muggy. I just can't figure out where the summer has gone. I'm writing August on my checks but it can't possibly be August yet.Marnie

TC the bracelet is very nice but still "manly" looking. I know what you mean about not feeling "bloggy". I've had a hard time coming up with something to put out there. Our June just about killed everything and then July about drowned it.(not that I am complaining, we needed it badly) Now it feels like August isn't sure what to do. Sorry your summer hasn't cheered you much.I had a horticulture teacher that decided to paint his toenails once. He peeled his shoes and socks off right in class so all could see. He didn't normally let a whole lot of his personality show so I thought it was great! He was a wonderful teacher and I did learn lots from him. So if you want to paint the toenails, I say go for it. There's this stuff called fingernail polish remover just in case you don't like it!Loved the pic of the night time singing. Looks great and probably doesn't sound too bad either.

There's definitely something about the laziness of summer – particularly August. I find myself not sleeping at night and wanting to sleep all day – lazy, as you said.Ah well, the brisk fall will jolt us from our revelry soon enough. I love your sunflower photo – gorgeous!

The sumac is great. I'd love to have a couple of them around. We have the native sumacs not the cultivar. I don't know the bugs name although he looks pretty neat and shiny.

What an absolutely unique and stunning sunflower picture. Almost as if from the flowers point of view!

I think you should feel free to paint your nails. It's a shame that in a free country a man can't paint his nails without folks talking behind their hands and calling him ugly names, like "mantero" or something.Have no idea what the little red and black bug is, but it is cute!

i had a few of those sumacs. Unfortunately I killed them. Well one of them. someone else killed the other two.

I'm glad this wasn't a Say Nothin' post. I'll say the bug is a swamp milkweed leaf beetle, and the pretty things in the garage pic? Not the machines, of course. Maybe the hands that keep them running smoothly. Better forget about the nail polish, though, at least on the fingers. It'll chip off those nails the first time they reach for a wrench. Thanks for the link, my friend. If I was crafty or artistic, I'd send you some pretty jewelry. Are those glass beads or gemstones?

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