Say Nothin’ Saturday

Update: I discovered late blight in my garden yesterday, 8-16-2009. I’ll harvest as many heirlooms and cherries as possible. I was inundated with phone calls this morning, 8-17, from folks wanting to know what they could do about late blight in their garden. Unfortunately, this late in the game, there’s not much anyone can do.

Or say a little.

Late blight is causing severe problems here in the northeast, especially late blight of tomato. Luckily, it’s not found its way into my garden. Which doesn’t mean I’m not completely immune. Millions of wind-borne spores could show up at any time between now and when the rest of my tomatoes ripen. We’ve only picked four heirlooms and are still waiting for many more to ripen, hopefully the remaining winds of summer will be kind and carry any and all nasty spores far away from my garden! And yours!!

This gorgeous pass-along plant was a gift. I embedded a large size photo just to show off its beauty. Thanks Ms. Tina, it finally bloomed!

I’ll say no more.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

8 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Wow! What a bloom.My tomatoes are soooo slow and once a wee bit of color shows the critters are getting them. I will be lucky to have one this year.I am posting on my main blog "Q's Corner". My walks seem to be in the evenings with out the camera!Lots of bugs and birds on my main blog.Sherry

I wonder if anyone in the U.S. has had good luck with tomatoes this summer? I'm trying a second batch of plants since the first ones did so poorly. With some luck and late frosts, maybe I'll have some fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving! That flower is amazing. Oh, the WV is "undock." Is that what submariners do when it's time to leave port?

Glad to hear your tomatoes are surviving. Lovely yellow Angel Trumpet. I have one right now that has yet to bloom.

Amazing color. I hope you manage to hang onto your tomatoes. Mine are healthy but the ones planted in the garden just aren't producing. Too cold for too long.Marnie

Good luck avoiding the blight. I wish I could have! I'm just trying to maintain what we have at this point. Time to start thinking for fall greens.

I can smell that brugmansia all the way from here! Like lemon soap, I always say. Mmmmm…..

Simply spectacular! You'll get many more blooms from it too and this cultivar is very fragrant-not like my pink ones which are not:( Take cuttings in September or even now so you'll have one or two next year too. So glad you don't have the blight. My mother's tomatoes got wiped out in Maine.

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