Drivin the bus

Gettin up at 5:30 AM has its advantages. I’m sure everyone knows about the early bird gettin the worm (and how that phrase is such a cliche [what does the late bird get?]), and how it’s said you can catch quite a picture-perfect sunrise at times and how neat it is to watch the day “wake up.” Those of you who roll out of bed at an early hour know all about such pleasures.

I have a new job as a school bus driver and if you are old (or young) enough to remember when you rode a bus to school, perhaps the driver of your bus made an impression on your young (or old) mind. I’m hoping it was a positive experience. I only rode the bus my junior year of high school, just long enough to be impressed by two unique bus drivers who showed me how a sense of humor can help get you through a bad day. Those two bus drivers were a pleasure to know.

So far, I’ve not had any bad days as a new driver (unless you count forgetting to pick up a kid on the first day), but I know they’re coming. I think I learned a new lesson about “bad days” this gardening season – that there will be bad times in the garden, and that even though you might lose most of one vegetable to blight or bugs, it usually evens out that another vegetable will do more than you expect. And so it was this year “in the garden.” (To borrow an expression from Ms. Tina.)

Bad – Late Blight of Tomato

Good – Golden Zinnia

Good – Monarch Butterfly (Male)

Lesson: Two goods outweigh one bad.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

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