An autumn tale: Fall. The end.

I say “the end” meaning it’s the end of my gardening season. Many of you do the fall gardening thing, which is to say you put in a fall vegetable garden. But not me. I get very lazy after leaf drop and once it’s over, I’m pretty much inclined to indoor activities.

This year’s outdoor fall show was enhanced greatly by the summer weather patterns. And I use the word “summer” loosely; we barely had two weeks of what might be called summer. Most of the time it was below normal temperatures and it seemed a lot wetter than past summers.

I heard the adjective “spectacular” used to describe the display of colors that our trees are giving us right now. But I know it only lasts a little while. Unless you have it in pictures. (Click each picture for a larger, and hopefully more spectacular, view.)

Mercer County Seat, Mercer, Pennsylvania

(The following pictures were taken using my cell phone camera.)

I stopped the bus to take this country lane picture. As I pulled away two deer lazily crossed the road directly in front of me. (I had just disabled the camera function.)

This is the intersection where I turn right and head to the school bus parking garage. Directly ahead you see what I think is spectacular fall colors. (I believe that dark little circle in the sky might be a speck on the windshield of the bus. But then again, it might not be.)

(The photos below were taken from locations close by and you’re seeing mostly sugar maple trees.)

I think this photograph captures the essence of fall quite nicely.

If you’d care to tour the color show in other parts of the land, Dave, over at The Home Garden, has compiled a good selection of sites to see. Click the image below for the details.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

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