Say Nothin’ Saturday

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

12 replies on “Say Nothin’ Saturday”

Say Nothin Saturday seems to be a lot like what I call my Monk-Mode. By the way, Say Nothin Saturday is a clever title.

Ms. Terri: Doesn't your neighborhood have a leaf collection policy? Or try drivin along city streets and watched for bagged leaves. Dave: Yes sir, arborvitae.

I would love to have picked up those leaves. I used quite a few already but just don't have enough for everything I need to mulch. Arborvitae?

We don't rake leaves here – there aren't any trees close enough to the house that are big enough to produce much, and we don't rake the woods that make up most of the farm. The lawnmower chops up any that do find their way to the yard, so I would LOVE to have bags and bags of leaves for my compost pile!

Ms. Kylee, I suppose they took them to the trash dump but I'm not sure. I should check to see what the borough does with them. There have been times that I've collected them, but I just didn't need any more this time. I should've got them anyway and piled them up. And goodness no! Ms. Susie, I didn't rake all those leaves. ;~)

So I'm guessing those leaves are going to go to waste? What a pity. Not that we'd take them either. We've got plenty here! Still raking today and Romie mowed! It's been quite the fall and we're lovin' it!

Ms. Connie, thanks for stopping by my blog and takin the time to leave a comment. Ms. Tina: I cut back the brug and it's leafin out!W2W: They're leaves from a house in town, I live out in the county. And I was going to take those leaves but have plenty of my own! I didn't get rid of Disqus, I just chose the wrong option for posting when I published this post.

Are those leaves yours or a neighbor's? If they're not yours, I'm guessing they will be soon–in your garden. Love the little tree. Emerald green, I think. Hey, I just noticed you got rid of Disqus. Was it more trouble than Blogger comments?

I thought about having a 'wordless' day for my own blog … but I'm too chatty for that. Love visiting your blog. I'll be back.Connie

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