The Christmas Garden/Dissed Below the Fold

I set out an amaryllis last spring after cutting the nearly three foot stalk down to almost nothing. I then forgot about it until about a week ago when I dug it up, stuffed (yes, stuffed, amaryllis like stuffy quarters) it in a four-inch pot and set it in a sunny window where it’s now growing a new stalk that will produce another gorgeous bloom. It probably won’t flower till after Christmas, but I don’t care, I’m sure I’ll appreciate the eye candy more even then. This lone flower, plus a poinsettia or two will be my indoor Christmas garden. I’ve got a few houseplants, but they’re just that – houseplants. I’m sorry if it sounds as if I’m dissing my indoor container plants, I’m not.

Speakin of bein dissed….

The paper I write for hired another columnist. I’m happy that our local newspaper can afford to do this; we’ve all heard the doomsday reports about newsprint goin extinct, and havin a new columnist means the paper I write for isn’t in dire straits just yet. But I wanted to be the one writing the new column. I mentioned this fact several months ago and was told then to go ahead with it, I should’ve, but didn’t. The gist of the new piece has to do with love, Christianity, family, all that feel good stuff that a lot of folks like to hear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the columnist is a bad writer, she’s not, it’s just that I had a very different set of ideas and topics I wanted to address in a much more critical manner.

The new piece has been runnin above the fold in the past two issues. The spot where my gardening column used to appear. Above the fold is a nice spot, you open right up to the article and you don’t have to look down to read.

I fee like I’m bein dissed.

Green River, Greensburg, Kentucky

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

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