Tracking the turmoils of publishing

“The Internet is training us to read in a distracted and disjointed way.” That quote is from an interview NPR reporter Lynn Neary had with writer Nicholas Carr who suggested to her that Web technology continues to warp the way we read. Neary’s article How E-Books Will Change Reading And Writing can be read here. What’s most perplexing to me is how a writer is supposed to go about trying to get a book published during this paradigm shift? Should we forgo the old method because folks are starting to turn electronic pages instead of paper ones? Or go it alone with self-publishing options? It’s  quite a task figuring out the best course to take for this endeavor, as a matter of fact, after getting input and advice from colleagues, I’m beginning to think there is no “best course.”

Write. That’s been said. Just write it. So, that’s what I’ve kind of been doing; writing submission papers, tryin to explain why my book will be a No. 1 Best Seller. One publisher I spoke with asked how many friends I had on Facebook (290) and how many followers on Twitter (280). Were these numbers high enough to give the impression that I was someone that should be given the chance? Or were they too low, giving the indication that I needed to do a better job promoting myself? I don’t know. Are 96 connections on LinkedIn enough to help persuade a publisher that I just might be in with the In Crowd?

2010 brings a hurdle for this writer to jump, and I’m pretty sure there’s more than one. I’m hoping they’re not too high. But aren’t you allowed to knock over a few before you’re penalized? I think so.

I think I got lucky taking a photograph of the blue moon. What do y’all think?

December 2009's Blue Moon
December 2009's blue moon photographed in my backyard while leaning on a clothesline pole for support.


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

6 replies on “Tracking the turmoils of publishing”

So now you have to be on Facebook too? I thought Twitter was enough! Who has the time or desire for all of this following, posting, linking? I’d rather sit and contemplate the moon. Great photo, TC. Why were you so unsteady on your feet?

Love the blue moon!

I’m not on Facebook, so I might as well not submit anything, right? Well, maybe not. My professional journals still like my work. If I get serious about publishing, I will join LinkedIn and (maybe) Facebook. I think. Perhaps.

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