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Themes and seeds

Please share your opinion on choosing a blog theme. I’m at odds on whether or not to change mine (for the second time). If you say “it’s a personal choice,” and that’s how you choose a new theme (or not), tell me what makes it “personal.”

Most of you know I have a Blogger blog with ads; doesn’t allow them unless you’re running blogging software (read more). I chose ads on my Blogger blog in hopes of generating something ($$) for nothing (advertising space) but unfortunately it hasn’t worked (choosing to switch blogs from there to here is a detriment I’m sure). What’s your opinion on ads? Again, if “it’s a personal choice,” tell me why (“cause I need the money, duh!” is not a good answer, but I’ll accept it).

Let’s talk gardening now, how about givin me your opinion on seed catalogs?  I just wrote an article about them and I’ve actually been reading a few. Seed Savers Exchange has impressed me the most so far, followed by Plant Delights Nursery, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Others vying for my attention were/are:

  • Territorial Seed Company
  • RH Shumway’s (tops for illustrations)
  • Bluestone Perennials
  • White Flower Farm
  • Heronswood Nursery
  • vanBourgondien
  • Totally Tomatoes
  • Tomato Growers Supply Company
  • Jung Seeds & Plants
  • Vermont Bean Seed Company
  • Brent And Becky’s Bulbs
  • Veseys Seeds
  • Burpee
  • Penny’s Tomatoes
  • Read between the pictures

Local retail outlet

Before you leave, I have a request: If you know how I can get my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook buttons all within the same block like I see them on some of y’all’s blogs, please tell me.


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

8 replies on “Themes and seeds”

I’m not sure what you mean by theme…like ‘gardening’ theme? You certainly don’t have to be limited to one. I guess if you hope to produce some revenue, you need to stick to a very popular theme to appeal to the widest number of people. I would think you would also have to give them something unique.

I’ve had good luck with many of the seed and bulb catalogs you mention. I don’t feel I get much value from mail order plant vendors. Bluestone, Khlems and High Country are OK sources for items really hard to find locally.


I’m sorry Ms. Marnie, I guess I should’ve explained themes better. It’s how my blog looks, nothing more or less. I prefer three columns rather than two (like it is now), and the ability to do my own header image. WordPress has several I’m interested in. I guess it probably boils down to what I like, but I also want it to be pleasant for visitors. Right now I think it looks drab and not very colorful.

It’s just an expression, TC, nothing more. We don’t even own a piano anymore. Do I really sound like a Victorian? Maybe I need to start reading more modern stuff. Oh, and you’re doing an excellent job of marketing yourself. Can you hear the applause from this section of the audience? I’m being serious now. I was wondering about that picture from the local retail outlet. Did you get a chance to explain that the picture taking was for an article before the security guy showed up to escort you outside?

Speaking of going commercial, I’m wondering why some people say they dislike blogs that try to sell them something when most bloggers are doing that anyway. They may not have AdSense or specifically talk about a product or service, but they might be trying to develop a market (buyers!) for books or photos or other art work. Aren’t most of us trying to sell something, even if it’s just an idea/philosophy/professional image? I feel like I’ve been skirting the issue of promoting my business interests in my blog to keep from putting people off. You know what? Like my dad used to say, it’s time to stop acting the Victorian and let the piano legs show!

I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head Ms. I! Even without the ads here on my WordPress blog, I’m tryin to sell something; myself as a writer, tryin to market myself. But you, the audience, will decide if it’s workin.

I don’t think you’d “put people off” at all, you’re too good of a writer to do that. I love the quote from your dad, but please don’t expose too much, I’d hate to see you lose your Victorian Era voice.

Obviously, I am going to be a supporter of free enterprise, so I
say alrighty to advertising. I guess this falls under the “duh!”
category. Sorry, but I like the stuff money can buy.

As for the seed/plant catalogues, I always wonder who does the
photography and if they’re thinking of retiring anytime soon.
Actually, when the rose catalogues arrive, specifically David Austin Roses, I could swoon.

Hello Ms. E,

I completely forgot about my rose catalogs! I’ve separated them from my others and forgot where I put them. How could I?? I too swoon over the scent of roses. Specifically, ‘Gertrude Jekyll,’ one of my all-time favorites! Such a dizzying erotic aroma! (To me anyway.)

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