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Gardening music?

I think most of you know that I’m a huge fan of bluegrass music. I even play guitar and sing in a bluegrass music trio – Linefork (Bluegrass with Flair). It may be that my Kentucky roots reinforces the love I have for that genre. But it’s odd that until recently, I never played bluegrass music, I was a classic-rock-with-some-folk-tossed-in-here-and-there kind of guitar player. I’ve been chordin the strings for the better part of 40 years, wouldn’t you think I’d be a total bluegrass pickin nut by now? Well, I’m not. Furthermore, I don’t listen to bluegrass music all that much.

I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because playing it now satisfies the need I used to have for listening to it.  Instead of Alison Krauss‘ angelic voice, I’m listening to a mix of new music, most of it introduced to me by my youngest son, AJ Conner (16, and a fine guitar player himself). I don’t like labeling,  but some would say the genre is alternative, or college radio, adult contemporary,  ambient/minimalist, I just call it “new to me music.”

NTMM includes groups such as The Appleseed Cast (“As The Little Things Go”), Stars of the Lid (“Ballad of Distances Part 1”), Animal Collective (“What Would I Want? Sky,” with a Grateful Dead sample), The Dead Texan (“Taco Me Manque”), Explosions In The Sky (“Day Five”), I could go on.

I have a large collection of bluegrass music, classic rock, folk, and now a growing collection of new to me music. When you think about it, it’s a collection much like the collection of plants and flowers grown in a cottage garden; different colors, shapes, textures and sizes, different aromas, and yes, different sounds.

I’m grateful for my children, who teach me new things, introduce me to new music, and still let me kiss them goodnight.


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

11 replies on “Gardening music?”

You are so right about that TC. New to me music is the best, especially since it can connect you to your kids. My son Brokenbeat is the main music lover in our family and is always sending me links to ntmm videos. Always interesting, some better than others. It helps keep me young. 🙂

I don’t know anything about music and my eyes start to gloss over when people talk about it in real life. I just don’t have a brain for it, I guess. Although, I’ve always admired the way people can name musicians, songs, scores off the top of their heads so easily and the passion they speak about the art with.

Hey there TC,

And much like a garden that is actually tended and planted by its owner (not by a team of blow and go hackers), a collection of music is a mirror into a person’s outlook on life.

Always enjoy reading your posts, but this time decided to drop in.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

I ain’t much on the NTMM scene; basically there isn’t much out there new that I like. I have in the past year come across the Silversun Pickups(Smashing Pumpkinsesque). I always said I wouldn’t be like my dad in being stuck on the music I grew up listening to in the early 90’s. Of course growing up around diddy, I also listen to classic rock. But here I am today listening to the same stuff of 15 years ago. Being a guitar player(insulter) myself, I play those type of songs. I will say however, when I am at someones else’s house the music they are listening to sounds better than when I go home and download it(legally of course).

Keep on pickin No. 1 son! I wonder why I never much warmed to the metal head music you listened to? But you love a lot of the old stuff I listened to. I have no explanation why I find AJ’s minimalist selections so much to my liking.

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