One down…

And who knows how many more to go. I’m speaking of a rejection notice I received from a publisher. It’s all part of being a writer. However, this doesn’t make it any easier to accept. I suppose being relatively new at this profession (seven years), and this being my first “official” rejection, makes it a somewhat bitter experience to accept. Dwelling on it is not conducive to positive plans to move on with more query letters to more publishers.

“Spring” arrives soon. Much earlier than the official date (March 20).  Are you wondering why?

Sneak peek

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

22 replies on “One down…”

In situations such as this, where there appears to be little sense, I will invariably
turn to the Book of James. (James 1:2-4). It has been a time-tested means to guide me in dim light. I am sorry that I have no witty turn of phrase in this instance. But, I do hope that this will help.

All I have to say is “Dont give up” There are many publishers out there and in time, the right one will come along….

spring is trying to pop here but this cold snap is not helping any today….

Don’t worry Mr. TC Conner for you surely will be accepted some day. That must have been so hard to take and I’m so sorry that you were rejected. But what do they know? Maybe a trip to the mountains to write something different might do the trick 😉
I sincerely apologize for not getting write back to you. I meant to, and then I began painting my living room, I saw a couple of warmer days when I could possibly open my windows, so I took full advantage of it. Now it’s supposed to get cold again.
So you lived in N.Charles for 5 years? Well then you know exactly where we’re at. I’ve gone to a couple of the Air Shows, and that were fantastic. I have fallen in love with the C17’s especially since I hear them going overheard quite often. I will post a picture someday of me going up in one, or I should say acting like I was going up in one.
I bet your wife’s wreaths are beautiful, I didn’t make that one, but I think they are so beautiful. Also the paintings, I confess are not mine either, although I did try my hand at one and should post it so people can have a good laugh 🙂
Oh, I fixed my Twitter link, thanks for letting me know !
Have better days ahead, and keep a stiff upper lip, don’t let anyone make you feel as though your work wasn’t good enough – phooey on them !

A trip down to the holler, or up to the mountain top would be nice Ms. Sandy, I could sure use the exercise too.

No need to apologize, I know how things can get piled up. My gardening stuff is starting to pile up – I got two calls today from two garden clubs needing a speaker. I reckon that’s a good thing!

What rejections are good for is making writers think: Did I send this proposal to the wrong publisher and if so, is there a better market? Was my idea new and compelling and if not, how can i make it more so? Etc. After you get over your disappointment, think what you can do to turn the rejection into an acceptance somewhere else.

Excellent advice Ms. Judy. The publisher offered some good advice as well in his rejection letter. So, I kind of know what I need to do to revamp things. It may morph into something a little different.

Hey, at least they sent you a letter!!! You’ve been noticed!!! Keep giving it the tough SR stuff!! And sounds like you’re having fun, that’s what counts, isn’t it?

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