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Fast talking slow gardener

I’m getting calls from folks wantin to know this or that about their gardens. It’s appropriate for this time of year, and since I’m giving more lectures, folks will get an opportunity to see me “live.” Indoor seed starting is under way in southern gardening zones,  but it’s still a little early for that here. We usually hold off till late March. It’s my job to get the grow light shelving in order, it’s a homemade outfit and I need to replace some of the florescent bulbs.  I made it several years ago, it’s nothin fancy, planks with hooks attached for hangin the lights that sit on concrete blocks.

Grow light shelving

I’d like to direct your attention to the cover photograph of “Spring” at the top of the right-hand column. Clicking on it will take you to the ebook “Spring.” Photographs were taken by E. Tenerelli with graphic design work by J. Tenerelli. I’ll let you figure out who wrote the poetry. And if you’ve already seen it, thanks for takin a look. “Summer” will surely arrive after spring.

Many of you commented on my previous post which had to do with why a publisher might want to see a perspective author’s blog and social networking skills. I suppose the publisher that rejected my book idea felt that my skills in those areas weren’t quite up to snuff. Y’all gave me some good input with the comments you left and I truly appreciate and value all of what y’all have to say.

Besides its effect on gardeners, warmer weather is also beckoning Linefork to get out and play more. Bluegrass music fans are well aware of the festivals that take place all over the country as soon as the weather fares up and stays warm enough for folks to enjoy gettin out. Bluegrass festivals are extremely popular for fans and bands. There’s always impromptu jam sessions in between times when bands aren’t playin. Linefork usually does the festival scene for fun, not for pay (it’s like shameless self-promotion, and oftentimes leads to paying gigs).

Linefork performing at a summer wedding

It’s been a record setting winter here in western PA, snowfall amounts for the month of February were quite extraordinary. And with it being my rookie season as a school bus driver, I’ve gotten some very good practice driving those big yellow cars on snow-covered roads. I’m glad the snow is beginning to melt!

Welcome Spring

A flower knows

or is it told

when to open

when to close

a season knows

or is it told

when to come

when to go

spring then summer,

fall then winter,

silent words

are never bitter

– TC Conner

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

16 replies on “Fast talking slow gardener”

Who woulda thunk a Blue Grass player could have such words (poetry) building inside! Wonderful read for me as I hear the squawking Blue Jays in the trees 🙂 a good read for a spring day while swaying in a hammock…

Ah yes, I get the orbs all the time, some are rather strange looking too. A few years back, I took a picture of my Gramma’s property in Tennessee (she passed away in the 70’s) and there was a huge white orb in the photo. Another time while we were looking at some property for sale out in the country, I took pictures and in one there was a face of what looked like an old civil war man. In another one taken right after that there was a face of what looked exactly like my Dad! He passed away in 2000. I as so amazed to see these faces, that I contacted a paranormal (or something like that) online and he wanted me to email him the pictures. Of course without thinking I optimized them and resized them, which was probably the wrong thing to do for him to really investigate the faces. I think I might still have the originals somewhere. But he said from what he could tell, there might have been something there. Needless to say I haven’t been back out to that particular property.
If I can find them, I wonder if I should post one for Wordless Wednesday?

I do a few “Winter Sowing” flats in late February and early March. Easy to do.
We are just starting our garden clean up. Would like to plant potatoes on the 17th. Saw my first honey bee of the season. Making plans to go to festivals….
I just love Spring!

Hi Ms. Sherry. I’m wondering what you sow in your “Winter sowing flats?” And I’m goin to try Ruth Stout’s potato planting technique this season – toss the seed potatoes out on top of the soil, cover with a thick layer of mulch, and wait.

TC, when I saw that first pic, I thought you were going to give us a lesson on how to grow some lighting. Hey, your wife commented! Glad to see you here, Ms. Maureen. If you don’t mind the drive, there’s gonna be some bluegrass music at a festival here in Milton tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend, and keep on writin’. Love the poetry!

ahhh beautiful poem 🙂
I used to use grow lights when I lived in the midwest, where some years we still had the heat on in May. But that looks like a nice one !
There’s a wonderful Bluegrass Festival in Aiken, SC
May 13th 14th 15th.
My inlaws live there, and one time I was driving back from their quant downtown shopping area and found my truck turning into this Bluegrass festival on the way back to their house *lol* no one ever knew I even stopped there hee hee ( I even had time to drink a quick beer while listening to a couple of songs lol ! )

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