Snow melt

February's snow didn't stop

It’s beginning to feel like spring. But since I’ve seen it snow in April here, I know we’ve still a ways to go before it’s safe to plant or seed anything outside. There are some risky gardeners here in the northeast who push their luck and plant in April, but I can’t work up enough courage to do that. I reckon if I wanted to plant early, I’d have a cold frame, they’re not that hard to construct, but I’ve slowed down a lot over the years and am quite satisfied with planting out in the garden around Memorial Day.

How are y’all preparing for the upcoming planting and growing season?


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

10 replies on “Snow melt”

Right now I am still deciding what and where I am moving things around. And what I’d like to add. Mothers Day is plant day around here – I get to purchase all the annuals I want. It’s my gift from my family. Best Ever!

Hi Ms. Shawna! Thanks for stopping by. I bet you’ll have lots of fun deciding on where to put all your annuals! Be sure to get the new zinnia ‘Zowie,’ and the new double cosmos (I forgot its name). I’m trialing a nasturtium along with some other bloggers, Renee’s Garden supplied the seeds. I’ll be blogging about it soon.

You can’t wait until late May to plant taters, can you? I’m still pickin’ and eatin’ collard greens and cabbage that I planted in the fall, and I’ve found a new way to stop wasting seed. Too bad I’m not a man, or I’d really be proud of myself. Heehee! Happy almost Spring, TC!

No, Ms. I, I don’t wait that long to plant taters. I sometimes plant my seed taters around St. Patty’s Day. I’m thinkin about tryin the Ruth Stout tater planting method this year. No diggin, cover with mulch, harvest. Easy.

And Happy almost spring to you too!!

Already transplanting things that are outside to new spots. I moved a few things outdoors that can easily be moved back inside but they’re mostly cold hardy. March can be risky here but the weather forecast looks good for the next week for temperatures. One of our biggest snowfalls here happened in 1993 over Spring Break in late March – I always temper my planting enthusiasm with that reminder!

Dave: You lucky dog! Already movin things outside eh? That’s great. But it’s also good that you’re tempering your enthusiasm. We’re apt to get snow in April here!

Not doing too much here either. Ground is way too wet. I have planted a few seeds into some pots but that’s about it for now. I’ve gone back to work so at least I’m getting to see some plants that are eager to be sold.

Ms. Susie: I was out to the compost pile just a few minutes ago and it felt like I was walkin on a wet sponge! It’s gonna take some time for things to dry out around here, and LOTS of sunshine! I planted a couple of mole bean seeds in a pot inside, only one came up though. We’ll start the rest of our seeds towards the end of March.

Ms. Daisy, you’re so complimentary of your “lovely Wisconsin planting zone.” I wish I could say the same about my gardening zone (5) here in the northeast. It seems the growing season is as short as my memory!

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