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Starting Easter Sunday

Gardeners, and most other folks, start lots of things in spring, including seeds. We’ve already germinated a few varieties of heirloom tomatoes, some annual flowers for the cutting garden, and a new (to us) climbing nasturtium ‘Spitfire.’ I’m pleased to say that I’m participating in a group blog thing that involves growing and trialing ‘Spitfire.’ From the looks of the few we’ve started indoors, ‘Spitfire’ will be a sure-fire winner, we can only hope its climbing abilities will also be what we like.

At just under three weeks old, Nasturtium 'Spitfire' looks healthy and vigorous.

Another thing I’m really pleased about is the fact that ‘Spitfire’ is also an heirloom. I didn’t know this until today, the day that I’m supposed to submit my first post about the GROW project for ‘Spitfire.’ Had I been more astute and learned about it being an heirloom sooner, I would have called Ms. Renee from Renee’s Garden (she’s the one that’s encouraging us to do this trial, her and MrBrownThumb) so that I might inquire about the history of ‘Spitfire.’ I’ll still give her a call or send her an email and if she knows any of the history behind ‘Spitfire,’ I’ll post about it here.

“I’m growing Nasturtium ‘Spitfire’ for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.”


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

12 replies on “Starting Easter Sunday”

well I sure would have like to try the Spitfire seeds! Just my luck, I’m sure, always a garden short and a seed late. But yours sure looks great and nice and healthy. I just know it will be beautiful. Darn, now I’m gonna have to get some somehow. Try this link:

And no, it’s not strange at all to have pretty toes! Male or female. It’s when you start using toenail polish that might be a little strange, at least in some parts of the world 😉

Hi Ms. Sandy. Thanks for the pdf on nasturtiums. I’m hoping to go a little deeper to see if there’s anything particular to ‘Spitfire,’ like maybe Jefferson grew that specific variety at Monticello or something. Or if it’s possible to know its origins, or how far back it goes?

(I know you’ll think I’m strange when I tell you I was planning on using toenail polish!)

I’ve grown flowers from seeds before Ms. Marnie, that don’t quite have the same coloring as what’s pictured on the packet. I’m sure you have too. I’ve grown red nasturtiums before but not this particular climbing type. I’ve got the perfect thing I’m making for it to vine up, but I’m also wondering how it attaches itself. There’s a couple of different methods some vining and climbing plants use and I’m not sure what ‘Spitfire’ has.

I’ve never grown climbing nasturtiums. I hope it does well for you and that you get that pedicure you’ve been wanting. Have you started wearing sandals yet? It’s sunny and in the 80s here already.

I’ve not grown this type either W2W. And yes, I’ve worn sandals and my toes love it! I know they’d love a pedicure too! (Is it odd that a man wants to keep pretty toes?)

We’ve several that same size Mr. BT. I plan on containerizing some, makin a weed tree….whoa! I don’t wanna give away my future blog posts about it!

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